NYU Environmental Studies Lecture - Future of Ecological Cities

Global warming effects pose new challenges to the architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design communities. The immediate response has been a turn toward a host of energy-saving technologies. What has rarely been addressed, however, is the problem of scale. How can designers make sure that global solutions do not come at the expense of local traditions, cultures, and environments? By placing human rational, emotional, technological, and social needs at the center of our environmental concerns, this seminar proposes a new global design initiative for the future of our cities. The aim is to develop a language of design that can create proximity between individual responsibility and the current global environmental crisis. The featured projects showcase leading-edge innovations at multiple scales. NYU Environmental Studies Department Lecture - Louise Harpman & Mitchell Joachim on the Future of Ecological Cities. Mitchell Joachim and Louise Harpman will present various ways in which their designs reformat the unfortunate separation between humans and the natural world, followed by a discussion led by Peder Anker.
Global Design NYU is the research and design laboratory founded by Peder Anker, Louise Harpman, and Mitchell Joachim.  Their forthcoming book, Global Design (to be published in the spring of 2014) is based on the Global Design New York University GDNYU exhibitions and symposia hosted in New York (2011) and London (2012).