BlackBook Magazine: TEDx Brooklyn, Dr. Mitchell Joachim

An Exploration of TedxBrooklyn, by Rozalia Jovanovic; "If TEDx Brooklyn is any example of what TEDx events are like, it’s a less-polished version that takes itself less seriously, and offers a chance for people to see talks on subjects that others are passionate about. At worst it’s failed storytelling, and at best, like with Dr. Mitchell Joachim’s presentation, it exposes the audience to what some people are doing that might affect how we live, like designing stackable cars and jetpacks. Yet, TEDxBrooklyn seemed to have stronger ties than most TEDx conferences to TED. There were celebrities in the mix of presenters—like Barbara Bush (younger), Ben Bronfman, the artist Callie Curry (aka Swoon) and DJ Spooky—which added some cache. A couple of the speakers had presented at actual TED conferences, like Dr. Mitchell Joachim and Dr. Haresh Lalvani. And the founder of TED himself—Richard Saul Wurman—was there in conversation with Kurt Anderson." "The co-founder of Terreform ONE—a leading firm in ecological design, Dr. Mitchell Joachim, gave maybe the most fascinating presentation on designing a lexicon of “smart mobility,” which included edible cars, stackable cars, and intelligent streets. His firm had also created a jet pack. “There’s a parachute in the crotch in case all hell breaks loose.”" see http://www.blackbookmag.com/article/tedxbrooklyn-elitism-worth-spreading/23504



NYTimes Blog: TEDxBrooklyn

The New York Times Blog, by COLIN WEATHERBY "Other compelling works were presented by transportation guru Dr. Mitchell Joachim of Terreform ONE design. In a rapid-fire slide show of psychedelic imagery, Dr. Joachim discussed living homes made from trained plants, jet packs for commuters and inflatable cars.

“We want cars that are so soft you can say hello to your neighbor by bumping into them,” Dr. Joachim said, “If these vehicles ran into your grandma they would tickle."”


Material Design book with MATscape, Terreform ONE

Material Design: Informing Architecture by Materiality, Birkhauser Verlag AG, 2010. Thomas Schröpfer (Author), Erwin Viray, James Carpenter, Sheila Kennedy, Liat Margolis, Toshiko Mori, Nader Tehrani, Peter Yeadon Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE + Terrefuge, MATscape, pp.180.


Terreform ONE at Biodivercity Exhibition, Wash. DC

BiodiverCity exhibition at the Embassy of Australia in Washington DC with Terreform ONE, Mitchell Joachim & Maria Aiolova. Curated by Natalie Jeremijenko Special Thanks: Brendan Wall, Kathrine Kramer, Sabine Finnern, Zenon Tech-Czarny.

Lecture at IIDA Forum NY

International Interior Design Association Forum in NY hosted Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE. Special thanks; Suzette Subance, Casey Baxter, Abigail French


Mitchell Joachim in EcoRedux AD

"Rapid Re(f)use: 3-D Fabricated Positive Waste Ecologies," Eco-Redux, special issue of Architectural Design (AD) ed. Lydia Kallipolliti, Wiley, London. Vol. 80, Issue 6, pp. 122–129, Nov/Dec 2010. Terreform ONE + Terrefuge, Rapid Re(f)use: Waste to Resource City 2120, New York City, 2008 and Homeway: The Great Suburban Exodus, 2009. Mitchell Joachim calls for a radical revision of our approach to waste management. Rather than the low-level recycling that goes on through municipal authorities, he advocates the proactive use of waste to regenerate our cities.

Terreform ONE in Topos

Zumtobel Prize winners; Terreform ONE, Mitchell Joachim, Maria Aiolova, Topos, p.8, vol 72, 2010.

Dr. Joachim in aU Arquitetura & Urbanismo

"Cidades 2010 + 25", Carlos Leite, aU Arquitetura & Urbanismo, MIT Car, NYC River Gym, Mitchell Joachim, ANO 25, N. 197 AUG 2010.

Terreform ONE in Bauwelt

Bauwelt 37.10, "Zumtobel Group Award", Friedeike Meyer, Oct. 2010, pp. 16-17. Mitchell Joachim, Maria Aiolova.

Terreform ONE in Portfolio

Portfolio in DAMDI Architectural Publishing, Terreform ONE and Mitchell Joachim, PhD.

Terreform in Wallpaper

Our fabulous Terreform dot "ORG" in Wallpaper! quick reminder click here

Kerb18 PlastiCity FantastiCity

Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE, "Pre-Source: Design as a Resource for all Resources", Kerb Journal, Ed. Ben Kazacos, pp. 88-91, RMIT, BPA Books, 2010. Other contributors include; Alain de Botton, Ma Yansong of M.A.D Architects, NIP Paysage, Stelarc, Clark Thenhaus, Tristan Sterk.