Lecture at FH Dortmund w/ Mitchell Joachim Terreform ONE

Fachhochschule Dortmund - University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Scenography and Communication Lecture Series, Mitchell Joachim: Living Performance and Architecture. Organized by Prof. Oliver Langbein


The "And&" Leuven Conference w/ Mitchell Joachim Terreform ONE

Talk by Isabelle Putseys & Mitchell Joachim & Adesanya Oluwafolajimi & Isabelle François & Q&A Oscar Vercleyen & Jean Gil Barroca & Jens Aerts & Q&A Asma Sofla.



Hallo Biologie Lecture Series at TU Berlin w/ Mitchell Joachim Terreform ONE


hallo biologie focuses on

− biology

− computational biology - in silico - the utilization of biological principles

and materials in and for architecture and urban design

− ecology - natural, infrastructural, socio-cultural ecology, artificial

ecology, conversational, networked

− an increasing usage of computer sciences, AI as novel tools for the

discipline in architecture and urban design

Prof. Dr. Martyn Dade-Robertson

Co-Director Hub for Biotechnology in the

Built Environment

Newcastle University

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mitchell Joachim

Associate Professor of Practice

NY University, Co-Founder Terreform ONE

Prof. Dr. Karola Dierichs

Professor of Matters of Activity

Kunsthochschule Weißensee

ICD Universität Stuttgart

Ana Zatezalo Schenk

Architect, Founder Sinestezia

Co-Founder Lobe Management

Director Animalesque AA Visiting School


Climate Imaginary Exhibition w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

The Climate Imaginary a 2021 NGV Melbourne Design Exhibition

Abalos + Sentkiewicz, Appareil, asensio_mah, b+w+ (baracco+wright+), c+ Arquitectas, Design Earth, Ecologicstudio, Ecosistema Urbano, Fadi Masoud, Harvard Office for Urbanization, Iredale Pederson hook, llds architects, Lydia Kallipoliti with Youngbin Shin, Melbourne School of Design, op/al, center for civilization, Studio Edwards, Terreform ONE Mitchell Joachim, Wowowa, 4of7,

curators: Leire Asensio Villoria & David Mah

design: Michele Burder & Tim Powell Wright




2038: The New Serenity, anthology w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE


German Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia

Editor, Lukas Kubina, Sorry Press, 2021.

Imminent Communication With Nature by Mitchell Joachim, pp. 169-174.



Designing the 21st Centur‪y‬ w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

Daniella Ohad, Daniella on Design: 
Five visionaries, extraordinary talents, who stand at the forefront of the world of design and architecture share their insights on designing, envisioning, and thinking the 21st century: Kai Bergman, partner at Bjarke Ingels Group; Craig Robins, the Miami-based renowned real estate developer, and collector; Mitchell Joachim, founder of Terrefoem ONE, a nonprofit group that seeks to stop the extinction of planetary species; architect Dan Kaplan who creates high-performance urban buildings that respond to their environments; and Serban Ionescu, who makes the most amazing furniture where form, bright happy colors, and narratives are combined into unique personal creations. 



Living Dialogs: Principles, Aesthetics, and Sustainability of Living Architecture

Living Dialogs - Podcast S1E1: Principles, Aesthetics, and Sustainability of Living Architecture with Jenny Sabin, Mitchell Joachim, Philip Beesley. In this episode, expert architects and designers consider the Core Principles, Aesthetics, and Sustainability of living architecture.


Informality through Sustainability, Urban Informality Now w/ Terreform ONE

Joachim, Mitchell and Nicholas Gervasi. "Effected Butterflies: Informal Urban Migration of Monarchs and Humans Across the US-Mexico Border," Informality through Sustainability Urban Informality Now, Antonino Di Raimo, Steffen Lehmann, Alessandro Melis (Eds.) Routledge, 2021. pp. 103-112.


New York Post COVID-19 Memorial w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

One year on, NYC still has no clear ideas for a COVID-19 memorial
By Melissa Klein, Melanie Gray and Isabel Vincent
New York Post, March 6, 2021
"Architect Mitchell Joachim, who teaches at NYU and co-founded Terreform ONE, an architecture group that focuses on urban design and art, said there ""will definitely be challenges"" to creating a tribute to the latest tragedy. Many people must be involved and many voices must be heard because so many people are being touched by this. They will feel invested and they will need to feel invested to get a memorial right,"" Joachim said."


BBC News "Can we build houses from living trees?" w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

BBC WORLD SERVICE: Can we build houses from living trees? 

by Marnie Chesterton MON 22 FEB 2021 

It’s the stuff of fairy tales – a beautiful cottage, with windows, chimney and floorboards … and supported by a living growing tree. CrowdScience listener Jack wants to know why living houses aren’t a common sight when they could contribute to leafier cities with cleaner air. The UK has an impressive collection of treehouses, but they remain in the realm of novelty, for good reasons. Architects are used to materials like concrete and steel changing over time, but a house built around a living tree needs another level of flexibility in its design.

Professor Mitchell Joachim from Terreform ONE explains the wild potential of living architecture, a movement that looks at organic ways of building. He’s currently building a prototype living house, by shaping willow saplings onto a scaffold that will become a home, built of live trees.



KSU Research Symposium w/ Mitchell Joachim Terreform ONE

Kennesaw State University Architecture Symposium: Is Doing Architecture, Doing Research?
Jack Breen (TU/Delft)
Mitchell Joachim, PhD (Terreform ONE/NYU)
Andrew and Jodi Batay-Csorba (BC-A/Toronto)


Brooklyn Rail Event - A New Philosophy of Museums w/ Mitchell Joachim Terreform ONE

Thursday Jan 21 Time: 1PM EST Join us for The Brooklyn Rail event, "A New Philosophy of Museums". Previous speakers include Olafur Elliason, Julian Schnabel, Robert Wilson, Willem Defoe, Hank Willis Thomas, Sanford Biggers, Brad Kahlmer, Xaviera Simmons, and many more. The discussions have been with museum curators, artists, creatives and scientists about the evolving situation we are all facing. The next event is with Yoram Roth, a major figure in the art world who is an investor in spaces like The Jewish Museum in Berlin, Neuhouse and who invests in museums like Fotografiska in NYC, Stockholm and beyond. He will be speaking alongside Mitchell Joachim, Co-founder of a really dynamic architecture firm that focuses on urban design and sustainable development, Terreform ONE. Join Paul D. Miller AKA DJ Spooky and us for a great discussion on art, architecture, sustainability, climate change and resilience - and the future of museums.



DigitalFUTURES world Bio-Design Keynote w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

DigitalFUTURES world Dec. 19th, 9:00 AM EST on Bio-Design Keynotes with Claudia Pasquero, EcoLogicStudio, Elif Eridine, AA, and Mitchell Joachim, NYU/ Terreform ONE




Symposium - grow.build.repeat with Keynote by Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE at KIT Karlsruhe

On December 4th, the symposium grow.build.repeat. takes place online. Discussion on research and projects for the development of alternative materials based on fungal mycelium, lignin, and bacteria or about the application of clay, wood, or bamboo materials. Speakers include Dean Prof. Dirk E. Hebel, Martin Rauch, Prof. Dr. Marie-Pierre Laborie, Dr. Henk Jonkers, Dr. Alireza Javadian, Werner Schmidt, Prof. Eike Roswag-Klinge, Andrea Klinge, Prof. Dr. Hanaa Dahy, Diana Drewes, Dr. Michael Sailer, and Prof. Dr. Mitchell Joachim.

You can follow the symposium live and without registration on the ChangeLab platform. There you will also find all the relevant information about the symposium:

The symposium will also be broadcast on the FB site of the KIT Faculty of Architecture or on the KIT youtube channel. You will find all relevant links in our link tree shortly before the event:


Green and Sustainable Building Lecture in Croatia w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

3rd GREEN BUILDING AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE will be held in digital form via the ZOOM platform, throughout 4 days with 8 different panels - 17./19./24./ 26. November 2020. Sponsor: Holcim

Keynote: Mitchell Joachim



Imagining Better Futures w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

Panelists will explore how future challenges for living, working, moving, and playing, along with the logistics of water, energy, food, and waste removal will be met, and in the most imaginative ways possible.

Tom Rivard, REALMStudios (moderator)

Alison Page, Zakpage Producer

Mitchell Joachim, New York University, Architecture, and Urban Design

Amanda Sturgeon, Mott MacDonald Regenerative Design Lead, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Australia.

Megan Sharkey, NSW Manager of Walking and Cycling

November 23, 2020 at 5pm - 6:30pm (Sydney time)



Design with the Living 2020 with Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

In recent years, bio-design has emerged as an innovative new discipline that uses biological processes to create sustainable approaches to design, building, and fabrication. From collaborating with living organisms such as mycelium to using artificial intelligence to guide the growth of plants, these designers and architects are exploring new ways to shape our material world in ways that are respectful of our planetary boundaries. 

In this annual symposium, we are interested in exploring how this area of design is developing across global regions, and in critically discussing how it needs to evolve to address today’s environmental and ecological challenges. Design with the Living aims to provide a space for critique and to drive an annual review of the agency of ‘design with the living’ in a global perspective. 

It is co-organized by the Design Museum, the Design & Living Systems Lab (Central Saint Martins UAL), The Bio ID Lab (Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL), and the British Council. Organized by Carole Collet, Director, Maison/0 & Director Design and Living Systems Lab, Central Saint Martins, UAL.


Biennial of Thought Barcelona with Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

Biennial of Thought sponsored by ICUB Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, and Barcelona City Council. 
Resilient City: Mitchell Joachim, Yayo Herrero, Elena Albareda, Salvador Rueda.
Moderator: Areti Markopoulou. Credits: Iu Andrés Luarna, and Núria Moliner.
Conference link:


TED Countdown Anti-Extinction Library w/ Fine Acts and Terreform ONE

Anti-Extinction Library Community Archive of Genetic Material for Species Preservation East River, Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY USA, 2020. 

Bringing back various animals at the brink of extinction is vital. Designed to delight and educate local citizens, the egg-shaped Anti-Extinction Library we are building for the TED Countdown event contains frozen embryos of threatened local species. Cryogenic vaults will be contained within a symbolic “egg” form that deconstructs over time. These vaults are encased within fertile soil embedded with seeds that are designed to disintegrate onsite to create a flourishing habitat for the future embryos. Each species admitted to the library is imprinted with a genetic marker containing the  "Nature Bill of Rights" modified from the UN documents on human rights. These encoded markers support a narrative that all species are equal and all are necessary to a healthy planet.

The Anti-Extinction Library – a permanent shelter for the embryonic cells and DNA of rare lifeforms  The work is part of a global art action: ten public artworks, аll launching today around the world, in support of Countdown – TED’s global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis  NYC, 10.10.2020  

Three TED Fellows have teamed up to create The Anti-Extinction Library, an installation that permanently shelters the embryonic cells and DNA of rare lifeforms, designed to delight and educate local citizens. Mitchell Joachim, Chris Woebken, and Oliver Medvedik at New Lab, with Terreform ONE, note that species biodiversity is vanishing at an alarming rate. Much of this devastation is because of adverse activities linked to climate change and habitat loss. The artists reverse this problem by creating a space that safeguards these organisms at their earliest and most fundamental state.   The local bank has the added benefit of community engagement. The Anti-Extinction Library allows anyone to submit suggestions of local species to save. Curated by institutional members nearby, a consensus can be reached on all new additions.   

“Besides being cryogenically preserved, each strand of DNA has an embedded genetic maker that contains the entire "Nature Bill of Rights" modified from the UN documents on human rights. These encoded markers support a narrative that all species are equal and all are necessary to a healthy planet”.

The work is part of a global art action: a group of prominent artists created ten public artworks on the topic of climate change, аll launching today, in ten cities around the world – from Cairo to Cape Town, and from Vancouver to Dallas. The global art activation is part of Countdown – TED’s global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. The initiative’s goal: To build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero-carbon world.  All participating artists are part of the TED Fellows program that celebrates and uplifts exceptional talent in various fields. The artists have been specifically selected to participate in this global creative activation to raise awareness for Countdown while translating key climate issues in ways that spur imaginations and trigger participation.   “Art has the opportunity to bring this important conversation to new audiences and to make people think about the issue in new ways. We can change climate change...each of these public artworks invites people to learn more about climate change and participate in building a better future”, says Logan McClure Davda, TED’s Director of Impact. Today, Countdown launches globally with a virtual event, to serve as an inspiration and a call to action to the world’s leaders — and to people everywhere — to step up and participate in building a better future.  The global art activation is a collaboration between Countdown and Fine Acts, a global nonprofit creative studio for social change, that curated and coordinated the collection.



Credits: Terreform ONE, Mitchell Joachim, Chirs Chris Woebken, Vivian Kuan, Nina Anker, Lisa Wood Richardson, Sky Achitoff, Mamoun Nukumanu, Iyad Abou Gaida, Connor Lambrecht, Vivian Jiang, Oliver Medvedik, Robin Stiefel, Sam Anderson, Dylan Pero, Adam Jonah, Adam Fried...


Topos Magazine Deep Impact w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

Anja Koller (Ed.) Mitchell Joachim, Peder Anker, and Nicholas Gervasi, Terreform ONE, "Deep Impact," Topos, no.112, 2020, pp. 32-37.


Architect Magazine Book Review - Design with Life by Terreform ONE

Aug. 17th, 2020. ARCHITECT - Terreform ONE and the Quest for a New Garden of Eden. Aaron Betsky reviews the firm's monograph, "Design with Life," a study in how architecture can help save the planet.

"In my opinion, no firm working today is better at pushing this convergence of natural and technological processes into semi-automatic (but still very “signature”) designs than Terreform ONE. The book Design with Life: Biotech Architecture and Resilient Cities (Actar, 2020), authored by the firm's cofounders Mitchell Joachim, Assoc. AIA, and Maria Aiolova, Assoc. AIA, collects their projects from the last two decades and shows the full breadth—but also the limitations—of that work."
"...Design with Life is a book that made me smile and hope, that made me marvel at the inventiveness of the forms and feel seduced by a biophilic and technomorphic Garden of Eden rising out of the ruins of our soon-to-be-drowned cities. I do not know enough science to be able to judge whether any of this will work, but if architecture is going to help save our planet, I hope it does so with forms as beautiful as those Joachim and Terreform ONE create." - Aaron Betsky.


Architizer: The World's Best Architecture w/ Terreform ONE


Architizer. "Terreform ONE, Monarch Sanctuary," Architizer: The World's Best Architecture, Phaidon, 
2020, p186. 


Museum of Craft and Design Talk w/ Terreform ONE

Friday Aug. 7th - A conversation with #Terreform ONE, Mitchell Joachim, and Executive Director Vivian Kuan with Joel Makower for "Survival Architecture and the Art of Resilience," curated by Art Works for Change and organized by MCD Museum of Craft and Design, San Francisco, CA.


German Pavilion, La Biennale di Venezia with Mitchell Joachim

2038 Eco Systemic 

German Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia
2038 x AWC Launch: Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin
Opening Pavilion: 21.05.2021, Giardini della Biennale, Venice
Christopher Rothh, and Lukas Kubina.

At a Distance: Mitchell Joachim on What Civilization 2.0 Looks Like

At A Distance: EPISODE #52 

Spencer Bailey, Andrew Zuckerman, The Slowdown - Interview with Mitchell Joachim.
Architect and urban designer Mitchell Joachim, co-founder of the firm Terreform ONE and co-author of the new book “Design with Life: Biotech Architecture and Resilient Cities,” talks with us about the idea of utopia, the future of capitalism, and why, coming out of Covid-19, we’re going to start thinking again of ourselves as citizens instead of consumers.