TECH TIMES Biohacking The Future Of New York City With Terreform ONE

Biohacking The Future Of New York City With Terreform ONE : FUTURE TECH : Tech Times
By Stacey Szewczyk, Tech Times | December 29, 2015
Workplace directives to "think outside of the box" have become as commonplace as telecommuting and space sharing, but true innovation remains rare. What if your company's mandate was to reinvent the wheel? Terreform ONE is a Brooklyn-based design studio that uses design-thinking, biological engineering and a mixed bag of uncategorizable disciplines to do just that.
"A lot of what we're doing is in the realm of science and also in the realm of policy regulation," says co-founder Mitchell Joachim from his Brooklyn Navy Yard workshop, where projects resembling grass-sprouting lunar modules wait beside seats shaped like dinosaur vertebrae for their runs on the world's production lines. They're baffling at first glance but, once explained, they make enough design sense to have a decent shot at market attention in the next decade.


Global Design NYU Ice Action COP21

NYU Faculty and Students Stage Climate Deal Now Action

Nodes & Networks: The city as Superorganism

Nodes and Networks is a series of collective art and science experiments exploring biological systems as a model and metaphor for social intervention. Taking inspiration from slime mold navigation, bacterial communication, and insect cooperation, a group of artists, designers, and scientists are collaborating on a series of public experiments and interventions across New York City.
Adrian Fessel, biophysicist, University of Bremen
Alison Irvine, theater artist, Cut Paste Grow
Mitchell Joachim, architect, Terraform ONE
Oliver Kellhammer, artist and urban ecologist, Parsons School of Design
Sarah Kornbluth, bee ecologist, Rutgers University
Jonghyun Lee, biophysicist, University of Bremen
Colleen Macklin, games designer, Parsons School of Design
Christine Marizzi, geneticist, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Christina Oettmeier, biochemist, University of Bremen
Pia O’Neill, neuroscientist, Columbia University
Jennifer Sta. Ines, geospatial analyst, NYC Department of Transportation
Lior Zalmanson, internet researcher, NYU School of Business
Heather Barnett, artist and educator, University of the Arts London; founder, The Slime Mould Collective
Nurit Bar Shai, arts and culture director, GenSpace
Daniel Grushkin, program director, Biodesign Challenge
Julia Buntaine, director, SciArt Center
Hans-G√ľnther D√∂bereiner, biophysicist, University of Bremen

Rubin Museum of Art Talk on The Fountainhead

On the surface, The Fountainhead is a story of one man, Howard Roark, and his struggles as an architect in the face of a successful rival, Peter Keating, and a newspaper columnist, Ellsworth Toohey. But the film, with a screenplay by Ayn Rand from her own novel, addresses a number of universal themes: the strength of the individual, the tug between good and evil, and the threat of fascism.

AIA New York Lecture: The Edge of Practice

AIA NY The Edge of Practice - Speakers:
William D. Browning, Partner, Terrapin Bright Green LLC
Mitchell Joachim, Co-Founder, Terreform ONE; Associate Professor of Practice, NYU
Amanda Lehman, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, Senior Associate, COOKFOX Architects. 
Pat Sapinsley, AIA, Managing Director, Cleantech Initiatives, Urban Future Lab/ NYC ACRE/ Powerbridge, NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Moderator: Cathleen McGuigan, Editor-in-Chief, Architectural Record

Spark Award Terreform ONE Finalist



Terreform One: Designing for Climate Change | #BHeard

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