Plenary Speaker at SVA Embodied Fantasies

Embodied Fantasies, International Conference at the School of Visual Arts, NY; a concept central to art history, theory and practice is concurrently a topic debated in the fields of the neuro- and cognitive sciences, philosophy and phenomenology. This theme will be addressed in a transdisciplinary conference hosting scholars and artists from the fields of architecture, art history, visual art, history of science and psychology among others. Discussions will focus on concepts of embodiment as they relate to sexuality, aesthetics, epistemology, perception and fantasy itself. Approaches to the role of fantasies will be viewed beyond traditional conceptions to include complex thinking processes, subjectivity, and the inter-subjective. Prominent attention will be paid to fantasies and images as a form of knowledge production.

Speakers include: Gabriele Brandstetter (Freie Universität, Berlin), Horst Bredekamp (Humboldt-Universität, Berlin), Mark Dery (Cultural Critic), Frank Gillette (SVA), Dan Hutto (University of Hertfordshire, UK), Mitchell Joachim (Terreform ONE + Planetary ONE), Arthur I. Miller (University of London, UK), Alva Noë (University of California and CUNY), Shelley Rice (NYU), McKenzie Wark (The New School), among others.
Thank You; Suzanne Anker and Sabine Flach



Super Docking Brooklyn Navy Yard

Super Docking Brooklyn Navy Yard  
Credits:  Planetary ONE, Mitchell Joachim, Nurhan Gokturk, Maria Aiolova, David Maestres, Jason Vigneri Beane. 
Design Team: Carlos Barrios, Alex Felson, Walter Meyer, Melanie Fessel, Zafirah Bacchus, Ivy Chan, Courtney Chin, Adrian De Silva, Julianne Geary, Francisco Gill, Shima Ghafouri, Jacqueline Hall, Kelly Kim, Florian Lorenz, Bart Mangold, Dustin Mattiza, Chema Perez, Alsira Raxhimi, Daniel Russoniello, Melody Song, Allison Shockley, Katherine Sullivan.


E-Waste Bot on Exhibiton

Ecologías Correlativas at 319 Scholes Gallery  

Williamsburg / Greenpoint / Bushwick

Opening: Thursday, October 13, 7 - 10 PM



Visit our group at ONE Lab

The ONE Lab (1L) was founded as a non-profit autonomous group concerned with research and education in the synthesis of design and technology.  It began as a core collection of young media artists, architects, engineers, biologists, ecologists, robotics experts, industrial designers, urban agriculturists, and physicists seeking alternatives to traditional forms of edification and professional practice. 

Terreform ONE + Terrefuge - Brooklyn - Architectural Designers | newyork-architects.com


Influencer Conference Panel

Pirates, Scoundrels, Scalywags: Attacking the permission based society
We now live in a DIY (Do It Yourself) society. How are influencer's using creativity and innovation to issues/problems and change our living, social and working environment?
Mark Borden, Journalist, Former Editor Fast Company
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE
Kenya Robinson, Artist
Rob Principe, Founder Scratch Academy
Katie Linendoll, Tech Expert - Emmy Winner "Talk Nerdy to Me"


Mitchell Joachim at the Maxxi, Rome for TEDx

Dr. Joachim lectured at the Maxxi Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome for TEDxTransmedia.  Special thank you; Nicoletta Iacobacci