Green School Alliance: National Student Climate & Conservation Congress

2009 Speakers Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Douglas Brinkley Dan Ashe Virginia Burkett Kevin Doyle Mitchell Joachim Jena Meredith Shepherd Ogden David Orr Rob Watson Andrew Revkin Norman Christopher and more... Special Thanks: Mark Madison, National Conservation Training Center.


French American Conference of Entrepreneurs: Clean Tech

Conference Presentations: Clean Tech Entrepreneurs; Building Resiliency from the Grass Roots Up No one is in a better position to gauge the implementation of clean tech, renewable energy, and energy efficiency programs than the entrepreneurs who work diligently to build their organization, acquire critical financial and human capital, refine their technology capabilities, market those capabilities and develop business. • Mike Beck, MJ BECK Consulting • Howard Berke, Executive Chairman and co-Founder, Konarka • Mitchell Joachim, PhD Co-Founder, Terreform 1 • Trey Taylor, President and Head of Market Development, Verdant Power Moderated by Mary Howard, Principal, Design Technologies, LLC


DISCOVER covers the World Science Festival

World Science Festival: The Science of Eliminating Gridlock Robert Krulwich, Iain Couzin, Anna Nagurney, Mitchell Joachim
Special Thanks: Susan Ades Stone World Science Festival: Creating Wall-E’s World, Minus the Endless Waste Carl Zimmer, Christopher McKay, Ben Schwegler, Mitchell Joachim
Special Thanks: Anna Hall


Mitchell Joachim in The WIP List

Mitchell ranked: Top 25 architects worldwide Top 5 architects in America Top 100 artists in America The WIPlist measures the presence of the most referenced people on the web:
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Jet Pack Packing: Soft Mobility in the Sky

World Science Festival -Signature Events Traffic: From Insects to Interstates Kimmel Center, NYU
Can marching ants, schooling fish, and herding wildebeests teach us something about the morning commute? Robert Krulwich, Mitchell Joachim, Anna Nagurney and Iain Couzin examine the creative and guides this unique melding of mathematics, physics, and behavioral science as sometimes counterintuitive solutions to one of the modern world's most annoying problems. Beneath WALL-E’s whimsical surface lies a grown up, cautionary tale about humanity’s relationship with the environment. Carl Zimmer hosts leading scientists Mitchell Joachim, Christopher McKay and Ben Schwegler as they explore ingenious strategies for creating a sustainable future — from 'carborexic' cities made entirely from recycled trash to how the pursuit of "green" space exploration may one day help to revolutionize waste management here on Earth.


Future North screens at BEYOND MEDIA

Our video titled "Future North - Ecotariums in the North Pole", will be part of the international selection of architecture videos that will be presented to the public during VISIONS, ninth international festival for architecture and media at BEYOND MEDIA www.beyondmedia.it. The event will take place at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Italy, July 9-17, 2009. Our work has been selected among the over 600 submissions received from 35 countries. Future North will be featured in the event's official catalogue. Project Credits: Mitchell Joachim, Jane Marsching, Makoto Okazaki, Maria Aiolova, Melanie Fessel, Dan O'Connor. Special Thank You: Paola Ricco