Storefront for Art and Architecture presents: Eco-Redux

EcoRedux: Design Remedies for an Ailing Planet (Architectural Design) edited by Lydia Kallipoliti
Storefront for Art and Architecture presents Manifesto Series 03: Eco-Redux showcasing 77 points [11 speakers] towards a new methodology of action for the 21st century. The event will feature:

Chris Perry
Eva Franch i Gilabert
Jimenez Lai
Lydia Kallipoliti
Mark Wigley
Matthias Hollwich & Marc Kushner (HWKN)
Michael Young
Michelle Addington
Mitchell Joachim (Terreform ONE)
Peder Anker
Rafi Segal

Costruire Magazine cover: Fab Tree Hab

Massimo Rossetti, "Progetti non convenzionali," Costruire, Milano, IT, pp. 49-56. Feb. 2011.
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE.


Jules Verne Architecture, Terreform in Stylepark

Mitchell Joachim, Terreform Co-Founder, speaks at The Economist

The Economist magazine, Ideas Economy series: 
Intelligent Infrastructure, the Architecture of Progress

speakers included;
Richard A. Cook
Elizabeth Diller
Tristan d'Estree Sterk
Thom Mayne
Ken Yeang
Frank Gehry
Judith Rodin
Vijay Vaitheeswaran
Iqbal Z. Quadir
S.D. Shibulal
Simon Stevens
Timothy E. Wirth
Mitchell Joachim
Edward Fenster
Syd Kitson
Neil Chambers
Larry Burns
Bob Gilligan
Jack Hidary
Petra Todorovich
Susan Zielinski
David Gelernter
Carlo Ratti
Ludwig Siegele
Geoffrey West
Parag Khanna
Saskia Sassen
Nicholas Negroponte



Future Shock: Escape the Urban Jungle

Published Feb. 08, 2011 By Rod James on designbuild-network.com
"...Forceful views such as this make Joachim, co-founder of urban design group Terreform ONE, not only one of the most influential thinkers in his field but also a journalist's dream. An associate professor at NYU and senior fellow of the TED organization, Joachim has done more than anyone to highlight the need for a radical rethink of the way architects and urban planners approach their trade. This desire for change is motivated by a demographic force that is becoming too strong to ignore."


Introducing GLOBAL Design NYU

GLOBAL [Global Local Open Border Architecture and Landscape] Design at NYU is launched!
The New York University Working Research Group at GDNYU is a place for individuals concerned with the built world.  Here the idea of Architecture, Urban Design, and Landscape is radically explored to create vibrant resources for both scholars and building practitioners.
Visit: GDNYU