EcoRedux Exhibition in Greece

Exhibition: "EcoRedux: Design Remedies for a Dying Planet", Byzantine Museum of Athens, Greece, December 2008. Event hosted in the framework of "Un-Built: International Architecture Research Events 2008. The website will be uploaded in Feb. 2009 at www.ecoredux.com Project: In Vitro Meat Hab, Terreform 1. Curated: Lydia Kallipoliti in collaboration w/ Alicia Imperiale & Amie Shao.


1000 x Architecture of the Americas

Fab Tree Hab by Terreform 1 is featured inside: 1000 x Architecture of the Americas, Verlagshaus Braun, p.429, 2008. One of the "Best Architecture Books of 2008, 10 tomes from the superior to the indispensable," By Norman Weinstein, December 2008.


See the work of DUB Studios

DUB studios is a multi-disciplinary design practice. We work on projects at various sizes, ranging from furniture to towers. At all scales our work involves the practices of Design, Urbanism and Building. We see Design as both a creative and pragmatic process that turns problems into opportunities; Urbanism as a method of observing and acting on a project's varied surroundings; and Building as the motivation for and best test of an idea. DUB studios is headed by its three partners: Natalya Kashper, Michael Piper, Gabriel Sandoval. http://www.dub-studios.com/


Recent Published Designs of Terreform 1

Daria Ricchi, "Cities from Scratch with Mitchell Joachim," Area, pp. 160-163, No. 99, IT. 2008. Gerardo Mingo Pinacho, "City of the Future 2106," Future Arquitecturas, pp. 146,148, No. 10, ES. 2008. Geraldine Zschocke “Super Cilia Skin,” Inform, p. 6, No. 9, Freiburg. Ángeles Martínez, “Sustainable Designs of Mitchell Joachim,” BG Magazine, pp. 78-9, No. 036, Ecuador. Iñaki Aguirre, “Bioviviendas De Última Generación,” Arquitectura y Diseño, No. 95. Dorleta Vidal, “Human-Powered River Gym,” Le Grand Mag, p. 170, No. 5, Autumn/Winter. Kenneth J. Moore, “Ecoarchitecture,” Chemical & Engineering News, p.56, Sept. Dost Kip, Yerin Gelecegi, “Evin kendisi ekosistem,” YER Magazine, pp. 72-73, No. 2, TR. Dave Vickers, “Pectoral Pedalo: River Gym,” Modern Design, p. 66, No. 15, Diseño Earle, ES. Dave Vickers, “Home Grown: Fab Tree Hab,” Modern Design, p. 63, No. 12, Diseño Earle, ES. Marta Gil, “Architecture in a Tree,” Arquitectura y Diseño, pp. 169-74. No. 88, Apr.


Future North Ecotarium video exhibit at:

Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland Superlight Jan. 23 - May 9, 2009 Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Green Architecture Prague, CZ Oct. 30 - Dec. 14, 2008 Miller Block Gallery Figments Imagination Boston, MA Oct. 17 - Nov. 29, 2008 Future North Jane D. Marsching, Terreform 1: Mitchell Joachim, Makoto Okazaki, Maria Aiolova, Melanie Fessel, Dan O'Connor.


Bioworks Institute Online in Brooklyn

Bioworks is a fully operational boutique biotechnology laboratory operated by Dr. Oliver Medvedik. He is partnered with Terreform 1 to produce molecular cell biology projects that advance architectural tectonics with living tissues and rapid prototyping technologies.

Rapid Re(f)use: New Project at Terreform 1

New York City is disposing of 38,000 tons of waste per day. Most of this discarded material ended up in Fresh Kills landfill before it closed. The Rapid Re(f)use project supposes an extended New York reconstituted from its own landfill material. Our concept remakes the city by utilizing the trash at Fresh Kills. With our method, we can remake seven entirely new Manhattan islands at full scale. Automated robot 3d printers are modified to process trash and complete this task within decades. These robots are based on existing techniques commonly found in industrial waste compaction devices. Instead of machines that crush objects into cubes, these devices have jaws that make simple shape grammars for assembly. Different materials serve specified purposes; plastic for fenestration, organic compounds for temporary scaffolds, metals for primary structures, and etc. Eventually, the future city makes no distinction between waste and supply. Credits: Mitchell Joachim, Emily Johnson, Maria Aiolova, Niloufar Karimzadegan.


Wired & New America Foundation, Wash. D.C.

Dear President X: Think Big! Speakers: Robert Dalrymple: Professor: Johns Hopkins. Mitchell Joachim: Partner, Terreform 1. Parag Khanna: Director, Global Governance Initiative, New America Foundation. Montgomery McFate: Senior Social Science Adviser, Army Human Terrain Sys. Moderator: Nicholas Thompson: Senior Editor, Wired. Friday, October 3rd. @ 12pm-1:30pm New America Foundation 1630 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 7th Floor, Washington DC


Cal Poly Hearst Lecture: Ecotransology

2008-2009 Hearst Lecture Series . Hosted by Cal Poly's College of Architecture and Environmental Design. Dr. Joachim will be presenting; Ecotransolgy, Nov. 21st. 4pm at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.


Foro de Arquitectura 2008 - ACTION:REACTION

Dr. Joachim will be presenting the work of Terreform 1 at Foro de Arquitectura 2008 - COM:PLOT. Oct. 5th-8th in Guadalajara, Mexico. Special Thanks: Louis Cespedes, CITA. http://www.infotectura.org/2008.htm

Exhibition at Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, Prague

Terreform 1 opens a new "Green" Exhibition Oct. 29th at The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague. Lecture in Gallery, Oct. 30th. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy. Also a "Green Festival" with other participants that include: Colin Fournier, Mathias Sauerbruch, Stefan Behnisch, Georg W. Reinberg, and Martin Treberspurg. Special Thanks: Klára Pučerová, Dan Merta, Zuzana Walter, Petr Knobloch.

New Book: Sonhos Dreams w/ Terreform 1

Sonhos - Dreams
by Bernardo Senna, Viana & Mosley Editora, 2008.
ISBN 978-85-88721-46-3
The book presents unbuilt idealized projects by professionals in the areas of design and architecture. The works of 40 designers are displayed from various countries: Dima Komissarov, Dominique Perrault, Fumie Shibata, Jean Marie Massaud, Jyrki Tasa, Ken Yeang, Korban / Flaubert, Mana Bernardes, Manuelle Gautrand, Marzio Fiorini, Matali Crasset, Michael Jantzen, Nigel Coates, Panatda Manurasda / Studiobo, Piercy Conner, Querkraft, Roberto Verschleisser, Richard Hutten, Sérgio Rodrigues, Stephen Burks, Seymourpowell, Toshihiko Suzuki, Youngju Oh Zuii Design Studio, and Mitchell Joachim.


In Vitro Meat Habitat

This is an architectural proposal for the fabrication of 3D printed extruded pig cells to form real organic dwellings. It is intended to be a "victimless shelter", because no sentient being was harmed in the laboratory growth of the skin. We used sodium benzoate as a preservative to kill yeasts, bacteria and fungi. Other materials in the model matrix are; collagen powder, xanthan gum, mannitol, cochineal, sodium pyrophosphate, and recycled PET plastic scaffold.
Terreform 1: Mitchell Joachim, Eric Tan, Oliver Medvedik, Maria Aiolova


CNN cover story: Fab Tree Hab + Mushroom + MATscape Homes

Just Imagine...what life will be like in 2020? Home sweet... jellyfish! Architects share their vision of what homes of the future will look like. Fancy living in a home shaped like a mushroom or an edible tree house? see our Mushroom House, Fab Tree Hab, and MATscape dwellings. images by Mitchell Joachim http://edition.cnn.com/ http://edition.cnn.com/2008/TECH/08/04/future.houses/index.html Special Thanks to Lisa Botter


NextWorld on Discovery premieres Aug. 6th

See our work at Terreform 1 and many others in the premier episode of NEXTWORLD. This 14 hour documentary series on the Discovery Channel premieres Wednesday, August 6th at 8pm. The series will air every Wednesday at 8pm for the following 13 weeks. NEXTWORLD explores some of the truly amazing technologies, science, ideas and products that we will encounter over the next 20 years. What was learned during this show has made us wonderfully optimistic about our future. So much is possible: we will grow new brain cells and end Alzheimer's, travel to Mars, drive morphing cars, watch stunningly real holographic actors on Broadway, create energy to power cities using our footsteps, and routinely live beyond a century. http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/next-world/next-world.html Special Thanks: Rob Cohen -Executive Producer NextWorld, Dena Goldstein, and Betty Chu.


La bionique: Fab Tree Hab

Agnès Guillot & Jean-Arcady Meyer, La bionique: Quand la science imite la nature, p. 23, Dunod, Paris, 2008.

EdA Architecture Magazine: Fab Tree Hab

Maurizio Meossi, "Veget-arch. Quando l'Architettura diviene Natura," EdA esempi di Architettura, il prato, pp. 182- 187, anno I, n. 3/2007. http://www.esempidiarchitettura.it/


Teaching at Parsons

Mitchell Joachim will be teaching Environmental Design at Parsons The New School for Design in NYC.

Lecture at University in Guatemala

Ecotransology, Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D. at Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala School of Architecture, Aug. 18th, 2008. Universidad Francisco Marroquí­n, Facultad de Arquitectura, 6 Calle final, zona 10Edificio Académico, D-614, Guatemala, Guatemala.


New Museum of Contemporary Art Panel Presentaion

Panel: The Visual Rhetoric of Environmentalism for the New Museum of Contemporary Art, "After Nature," exhibition. As scientific consensus about global warming gains traction with the public, this panel explores how such knowledge—and the environmental strategies it prompts—should be expressed visually. Panelists: Dr. Cameron Tonkinwise, Charles M. Blow, and Mitchell Joachim. Moderated by Brian Sholis, editor of Artforum.com. Saturday, August 16, at 3PM New Museum, 235 Bowery, New York, NY. http://www.newmuseum.org/events/220


Fab Tree Hab on HGTV Extreme Living

Home & Garden TV FAB TREE HAB: Imagine the day when tree houses are no longer just for kids, when adults will actually get to live in a fully-functional home morphed out of living, breathing trees. Thank You: Lightworks-KPI Productions, Andrea Pilat, Mashizan Masjum, Joanne Azern, Sarah Hodgson, Neri Oxman, Jesse Dobbie, Christopher Cassel, Tim McGarvey, Bob & Lauren Sarafan, Richard Reames, and more... AIR TIMES: July 13, 2008 10:00 PM ET/PT July 14, 2008 2:00 AM ET/PT September 04, 2008 9:30 PM ET/PT September 05, 2008 1:30 AM ET/PT http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/shows_hxmlv/episode/0,3200,HGTV_31776_58083,00.html


Kate Orff Studio Review at GSAPP

On jury for Kate Orff, Principal of Scape, Adv. Arch. mid-review, July 09 at Columbia, entitled CarboNYC. Students are looking at 3 sites and programs as a way to critique, participate in and visualize the Mayor's PLANYC 2030 initiative to reduce carbon emissions by 30%. --Looks Great!


Fab Tree Hab at MoMA, July 20-Oct 20

Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling
July 20th – October 20th, 2008.
The Museum of Modern Art Exhibition Gallery, sixth floor
Fab Tree Hab
Video installation, 2003-2008.
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform 1
Lara Greden, Javier Arbona.

QuickTime Movie: Fab Tree Hab

Special Thanks: Joey Forsyte, Velocity Filmworks, Barry Bergdoll, Peter Christensen, Graham Murdoch, Edward Ward.


Urban Design Panel, 6/27 @ 6pm, Columbia U.

Urban Design Panel:
"Sustainable Cities" Fri. June 27th @ 6-8pm Room 114, Avery Hall Columbia University Speakers: Mellisa Wright (Mayor's Office for Longterm Planning and Sustainability), Melissa Keeley (Earth Institute, Columbia University, Tobias Holler (Cook + Fox Architects, NY), Mitchell Joachim (Terreform, NY)


Walt Disney R&D presentation

We had a great presentation and discussion at Walt Disney R&D in Glendale, CA. Thank you very much to the fantastic and green VP Dr. Ben Schwegler for being such a gracious host. FACTS: Walt Disney Imagineering is the master planning, creative development, design, engineering, production, project management, and research and development arm of The Walt Disney Company and its affiliates. Representing more than 150 disciplines, its talented corps of Imagineers is responsible for the creation of Disney resorts, theme parks and attractions, hotels, water parks, real estate developments, regional entertainment venues, cruise ships and new media technology projects.


Earth & Sky Radio: Cities and Cars

Recipe for a sustainable city Earth & Sky - Austin, TX. Mitchell Joachim: Location is everything. It’s a little too nebulous to say that, ‘here’s a ton of money — please give me a city from scratch... Written by Jeremy Shere http://www.earthsky.org/radioshows/52578/recipe-for-a-sustainable-city Cars of the future Earth & Sky Mitchell Joachim: It’s really not the car that’s the problem — it’s everything from the wheel to the notion of mobility and travel in places, ... Written by Jeremy Shere http://www.earthsky.org/radioshows/52580/cars-of-the-future


Winners: Architecture for Humanity and AMD

Architecture for Humanity and AMD are pleased to announce the winners of the 2007 AMD Open Architecture Challenge: Digital Inclusion. The global design competition invited architects, designers and others to develop sustainable designs for technology facilities in communities that lack access to computing power. The competition received 566 registered entries from 57 countries. Fifth Place: Chocologia Washington University, St. Louis, MO. USA 1953_Kallari Faculty Advisor: Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D. Student Team: Laura Anderson- M. Arch. Carmen Cervantes- M. Arch. Lucy Colville- B.A. Cultural Geography Irene Compadre- B.A. Arch & B.F.A. Sculpture Mason Earles- Coordinator, B.A. Urban Studies Amelia Einbender-Leiber- B.A. Arch. Jake Levitas- Coordinator, B.A. Economics & Environmental Studies Emily Schlickman- B.A. International Studies & Environmental Studies Researchers: Alex Adarichev- B.A. Arch. Tess Croner- B.S. Environmental Studies Jen Fleming- M.Arch. Columbia University Brian Maurizi- PhD candidate in Mathematics Daniel Payne- B.S. Civil Engineering & Physics Jacob Rohter- B.S. Environmental Studies Jono Sanders- B.S. Mechanical Engineering David Sin- M.Arch. Columbia University


The real and the imaginary: Mitchell Joachim

L to R:
Walter Isaacson
Peter Head
Dickson Despommier
Majora Carter
Mitchell Joachim
Blaine Brownell

Science Magazine
"The real and the imaginary"
by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee
The event wasn't so much about science as it was about development. Among the speakers were Mitchell Joachim, a New York designer who won the 2007 Time magazine inventor of the year award for designing -- along with MIT -- a compact, stackable city car, and Blaine Brownell (left), a University of Michigan materials researcher and architect who specializes in eco-friendly building materials.
Joachim wowed the audience with the imaginary. The animation videos he presented featured not just the stackable car -- the design of the stackable car, that is -- but also ideas such as trees networked together into natural green homes.
Brownell was next, and he riveted the audience with the real.

He didn't have videos to show; he wheeled onto the stage a cart loaded with eco-materials like polymeric fabric that converts light to power and countertop surfaces made from factory scrap. Many of these materials are already on the market or close to it, says Brownell, who is on a mission to popularize their use.
I don't know when I'll get to drive Joachim's vision: a car that bunches up like a ladder so you can park 800 of them on a New York city block and communicates with other cars to warn them about a new pothole. To me, it's a shining example of the imaginary part of science, which is often the driver of the real.


NY Times: Future Cities — and Festivals?

Future Cities — and Festivals? June 2, 2008 By John Tierney A Friday evening panel called “Future Cities” at the World Science Festival in New York, however, racked up points for positive thinking by taking its audience on virtual tours of skyscraper-farms powered by the sun; publicly-shared, zero-emission cars that can be stacked to fit 880 on a New York City block and homes made by grafting the branches of living trees. Many of the designs on display could take decades to become a reality. But that didn’t stop the audience, packed into an auditorium at New York University on a warm spring evening, from oohing and ahhing.


How will cities of the future look? ABC News

"Soft Cars," is a concept by Terreform1, a design collaborative that integrates ecological principles into urban environments. The concept not only re-invents mobility as a designed object but also redefines the user's relationship to the city. (Dr. Mitchell Joachim, Terreform) http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/technology&id=6173998

Joachim on Mongabay

Future cities will be more like ecosystems that enrich society and the environment Tina Butler, mongabay.com May 30, 2008 http://news.mongabay.com/2008/0530-tina_joachim.html

Discovery Channel: Mitchell Joachim

Not the Usual Doom and Gloom

by Nicholas Scalera


Discover Magazine at Future Cities Panel:

DIscoblog MIT’s media lab was present at the event with architect Mitchell Joachim representing. In true media lab form, Joachim came with the most far out idea of the night: Floating megacities. After climate change drowns many of our biggest cities, proposes Joachim, we just pull anchor and float them all to a location at the North Pole to create a “mega mega city.” This means New York, Hong Kong, London, and a dozen more major cities floating on some sort of barge in a dome to live together in harmony (needless to say, the details were fuzzy). Let’s hope we never see the day this plan needs legs. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/discoblog/2008/05/31/world-science-fair-radically-green-future-cities/


Terreform in Artdaily

Jane Marsching and Mitchell Joachim/Terreform travel even further afield – and into the future – with Arctic Listening Post (2006-present), an inter-disciplinary multimedia project that deals with historic impressions of the Arctic and how we can imagine a future there. With the fanciful air of Jules Verne, Marsching and Mitchell Joachim/Terreform are working in collaboration with scientists, architects, artists and even science fiction writers to conceive how we could sustain life at the North Pole in 100 years. http://www.artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=24361


Badlands published - MASS MoCA & MIT Press

New Horizons in Landscape
Edited by Denise Markonish
Foreword by
Joseph Thompson
Mitchell Joachim/Terreform,
Jane Marsching.
pp. 114-116, 220.
MASS MoCA & MIT press, 2008.
Artists: Robert Adams, Vaughn Bell, Boyle Family, Melissa Brown, Center for Land Use Interpretation, Leila Daw, Gregory Euclide, J. Henry Fair, Mike Glier, Anthony Goicolea, Marine Hugonnier, Paul Jacobsen, Mitchell Joachim/ Terreform, Nina Katchadourian, Jane Marsching, Alexis Rockman, Ed Ruscha, Joseph Smolinski, Yutaka Sone, Jennifer Steinkamp, Mary Temple.


MASS MoCA Opens Tomorrow: Future North

Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape Opens May 24, 2008. Future North: Jane Marsching and Mitchell Joachim/Terreform travel even further afield – and into the future – with Arctic Listening Post, an inter-disciplinary multimedia project that deals with historic impressions of the Arctic and how we can imagine a future there. With the fanciful air of Jules Verne, Marsching and Mitchell Joachim/Terreform are working in collaboration with scientists, architects, artists and even science fiction writers to conceive how we could sustain life at the North Pole in 100 years.

Fab Tree Hab in YER Magazine, Turkey

published by Dost Kip, Editor of the YER Magazine Argos Communications Inc. next issue available in June 2008. www.argos.com.tr

Future for All with Fab Tree Hab

Future Home, Fab Tree Hab by John LaSage, Founder, FutureForAll.org What could be in the house of the future? Here are some things you might find in a futuristic home. http://www.futureforall.org/home/homeofthefuture.htm

Fab Tree Hab in next Orange Life magazine

see next issue of Orange Life by Gracie Leavitt Orange Life is about thought and culture, and it's unapologetically sophisticated. Broadly, Orange Life is focused on the impact of a changing world on all aspects of our lives. Leaving aside cliches about the accelerated pace of this still-new century, Orange Life provides original perspectives on a world that is undoubtedly more complex and interrelated. Orange Life is a hybrid of the frivolous and the serious, in which it's at once OK to consider real and serious issues, and to embrace the small, the intimate and the everyday. http://www.orangelifemagazine.com/current-issue.html


Archinode Studio in TASARIM magazine

Next issue of Tasarim magazine features; SOFT Cars, Fab Tree Hab, MATscape, Mushroom + Snail Houses by Sanel San

BG Magazine Interview w/ Mitchell Joachim

Next issue of Bg Magazine profiles the work of Archinode Studio by Ángeles Martínez, Editor http://www.bgmagazine.com.ec/

Super Cilia inside INFORM

Super Cilia Skin in the next issue of Inform Design Magazine by Geraldine Zschocke http://www.inform-magazin.com/

Talk Radio with Dr. Joachim

EarthSky Communications, interview by Jeremy Shere, Ph.D., May 16, 2008. Good News Broadcast, production by Paul Sladkus, May 16, 2008. KAOS Radio WA, interview by Kim Dobson, May 22, 2008.

Bauwelt 19.08 Out Now

Mitchell Joachim, "08 Skyscraper Competition," Bauwelt, pp. 20-21, May 9th, 2008.
Die Organisation eVolo lobte zum dritten Mal einen Wettbewerb aus, der nach architektonischen Visionen für das 21. Jahrhundert sucht. Angesichts weltweit wachsender Großstädte ging es in diesem Jahr um "vertikale Dichte". Mitchell Joachim, Preisträger 2006 und Jurymitglied 2007, erläutert, warum der Wettbewerb aus seiner Sicht ein Beitrag zum umweltfreundlichen Bauen ist.



Dr. J. + Evil Twin Booking Agency

Dr. Mitchell Joachim is represented by Scott Beibin of Evil Twin Booking Agency for future events/actions/lectures/film/TV appearances. Evil Twin Booking Agency helps you bring politically charged and culturally challenging media to college campuses, theaters, infoshops, community centers, squats, microcinemas, dance clubs, caves and other venues throughout North America, Europe and South America. We manage tours and appearances for today's most prominent politically conscious speakers, authors, films and performers including: Dead Prez, Lost Film Fest, The Yes Men, Who Killed the Electric Car, Why We Fight, FOUND magazine, Bernardine Dohrn, Scream Club, The Corporation, Timothy Speed Levitch, Boots Riley, and more. http://www.eviltwinbooking.org/index.cfm


Columbia GSAPP Visual Studies EVENT

VS CAD Show Wed. May 14th @ 7pm We will be showing work from: Tilling Education: An Eco Aesthetic Approach, 2008. Dr. Mitchell Joachim, Adjunct Assistant Professor Columbia University, GSAPP TA: Michael Contento Coordinator: Josh Uhl

Synergy Conference: The Evergreen State College

The Synergy Conference is a local event with a global message. The mission is simple; the integrations of diverse aspects of life into a sustainable model for our societies future. The event was introduced because the founding groups and individuals believed in combining issues of culture, design, ecology, agriculture and social justice and critically analyze their interconnectedness. The goal of the events is to create a collective vision and model of sustainability.
Dr. Mitchell Joachim
Thur. 5/22/08 @ 6:00 P.M. Lecture Hall 1
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA.

Art Daily: 01SJ Global Festival

ZER01 Invites the World To Experience Art on the Edge at 2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival Jane Marsching and Mitchell Joachim (Terrefrom) http://www.artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=23832


New article for Bauwelt

"Profusion of Invention: eVolo Skyscraper Competitions" Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D. and Melanie Fessel Bauwelt, May 9th, 2008. www.bauwelt.de

Fab Tree Hab in Arquitectura y Diseño

Marta Gil, "Architecture in a Tree,"
Arquitectura y Diseño, pp. 169-74. No. 88, April 2008.


Terreform Expands

Our new second studio location opens in Brooklyn, New York.
We have significantly expanded our staff and work spaces at the Metropolitan Exchange (MEx).
MEx is an architecture, urban planning, and research cooperative located in downtown Brooklyn. The space is made up of design professionals, developers, and scholars who come together to collaborate on architecture and planning projects, pursue development opportunities, and sponsor lectures, film screenings and exhibitions.



Future North: Noah Clones

Ecotarium bound biospherians dwell in the ex-Arctic landscape of tomorrow near the poles.

Photos & model by Dan O'Connor


Terreform at BOOST (Building Open Opportunity Structures)

BOOST to host Mitchell Joachim of Terreform, on sustainable architecture. June 7th 2008 117 South Warren Street, Trenton, NJ. Green, Smart, and Sustainable Stakeholder Education and Training 2008-09 (GSS-SET) are the natural outgrowth of our past efforts for community benefits by way of engaging redevelopment and economic growth-producing activities. GSS-SET will contribute to fighting global warming and pollution by stimulating the green building and clean energy economy and positioning local community leaders to help their constituencies capture a good portion of green collar jobs, develop or expand green businesses, and conduct advocacy and policy work to the benefit of populations with barriers to employment. For more information about Building Open Opportunity Structures Together (BOOST), GSS-SET 2008-09, and the June 7 launch, please call our voice/fax center at (206) 202-2883 or email gss-set@gss-set.com.


Ecotariums at the North Pole

The Future North Ecotarium project is based on the premise that within the next hundred years our climate will be irreversible altered. Massive migrations of urban populations will move north to escape severe flooding and increased temperatures. Area inside the Artic regions will warm up significantly, making their occupation newly desirable. Real-Estate values will shift to privilege northern climates that formerly had almost no human inhabitants. To underscore the intensity of such a global shift, we have moved entire cities. The reality of hundreds of millions of people relocating their respective centers of culture, business, and life is almost incomprehensible. We anticipate this polemical representation will impact our perception of tomorrow.

The movie installation will premier at:
MASS MoCA Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape
and 01SJ: A global festival of art on the edge
Jane D. Marsching and Dr. Mitchell Joachim/ Terreform
curators: Denise Markonish at MASS MoCA and Steve Dietz at SJMA


Taking Back the Streets, Sunday NY Times

"Taking Back the Streets,"
by Jeff Byles, New York Times,
p. CY11, Sun. April 6, 2008.

Gentle Congestion:
Instead of designing cities for cars, why not design cars for a kinder city?
That’s what researchers at the Media Lab of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology have cooked up: smarter, gentler modes of urban transportation. “If you think of your average car, it doesn’t have the same smarts as a horse,” said Mitchell Joachim, a former Media Lab researcher. A horse, he points out, is unlikely to run off the road, naturally avoids head-on collisions, and at least comes when you whistle. With the horse in mind, Dr. Joachim, now executive director of a New York design collaborative called Terreform, has helped conceive of a lightweight electric car that would sense the presence of other vehicles and slow down in potentially dangerous areas.
On-board navigation systems would drive people where they wanted to go. Parking meters, linked to each other and to the vehicles, could signal an open space. These smart cars would even sense that pothole you just ran over, and report it to maintenance crews. Because the vehicles could be made of soy-based plastic shells that could bump into each other without damage, they could move in flocks. Designers call it “gentle congestion.” Quick braking systems protect pedestrians, so there is no need for sidewalks, lanes or signals.


World Science Festival: May 30th - NYC

Mitchell Joachim
is speaking at the
World Science Festival:
on the Future Cities Panel:
Majora Carter
Dickson Despommier
Peter Head
Blaine Brownell
Friday, May 30, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM,
NYU - Kimmel Center for University Life
Future Cities: Sustainable Solutions, Radical Designs — We stand at a crossroads. Cities must change radically to achieve long-term sustainability. Energy, food and water sources, transportation systems and basic infrastructure, must all adapt to emerging pressures from climate change, dwindling resources and growing urban populations.
How will we meet this immense challenge? In a program that is part celebration of human ingenuity and part stark reminder of the problems we face, influential architects, urban planners, scientists and technologists lay out radical blueprints and innovative solutions as they imagine housing, feeding, transporting and sustaining city dwellers of the not too distant future.

other speakers include:
Alan Alda, Cynthia Breazeal, Brian Greene, Peter Galison, Ray Kurzweil, Richard Leaky, Oliver Sacks, David Sinclair, Saul Griffith, and MORE


Ecogram: The Sustainability Question

OCT. 19th-25th, 2008
The Sustainability Question
at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation
Dean: Marc Wigley
Faculty: Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D. &
Ioanna Theocharopoulou, Ph.D.

Benjamin Prosky, Director of Special Events
Melissa Cowley Wolf, Associate Director, Alumni Relations
more TBA: www.ecogram.org

X-OLOGY Magazine: Fab Tree Hab

"Going Green - Tree houses are branching out".
by Jane Gleeson,
X-ology, p.19, Winter 2008.


Riva Ring 2023

A design for Riva – like that of any city – must harmonize desire, context, and
constraint. Physically, the site is blessed by its dramatic proximity to the Black
Sea, by rolling hills, by a sinuous river, by green fields and forests, by intimate
beaches, by an existing town of intimate informality, by a protected forest buffer,
and by its easy proximity to Istanbul.
It is, however, challenged by salt winds, demanding topography, by the risk of
becoming a mere commuter dormitory, by existing plans and infrastructures, and
by a pattern of land holdings and regulations that demand what may be a too even
distribution of building across the site. Riva is no tabula rasa and our approach is
shaped by a set of prior decisions we might not have made. For example, were
there an effective way of consolidating and transferring development rights, it
would be possible to create a much more compact city, one less challenged by
low densities and sprawl.


The Masdar Competition

The MASDAR Biome is
both a revolutionary and an evolutionary structure intended to embody the best available practices for both sustainability and sociability. Like the new city in which it sits, the MASDAR Biome will be a visual and functional landmark on the pathway to a rational planetary future. We strongly believe that this future must penetrate every aspect of city building, that the ecological perspective has long taught us that natural systems are complex, distributed, and dynamic. We hope that this project, in this remarkable city, will play its role not simply within the perimeter of its own property but as a key actor for the city as a whole and for the new cities its construction so dramatically portends.
As we illustrate in our submission, our proposal will embody and expand upon virtually all of the suggested technologies laid out in the project brief. Understanding that sustainability must be achieved on both supply and demand sides of the equation, we have worked closely with our engineers not simply to assure the lowest energy (actual and embodied), water, waste, emissions and air quality, toxicity, and life-cycle cost, via consumption or production. And, we have sought to achieve this with a maximum emphasis on the most passive available systems. Throughout, we have utilized these technologies not simply as the means to technical solutions to environmental projects but as a way of foregrounding the importance of the people – and the needs of their human bodies – who will occupy this space.



Telegraph UK highlights the Fab Tree Hab

Ideal Home Show: Why tomorrow never came Chris Stevens, Telegraph.co.uk, March 8, 2008. "Days of future passed: Predictions that stil have potential Grow your own buildings MIT architect Mitchell Joachim has been working on a building called the Fab Tree Hab, which is constructed out of living trees. These trees are physically bound together to form a solid structure. The next step would be to genetically engineer a tree to grow in the shape of a house. The tree would form walls and floors as it matured, and grow a new extension every year." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/main.jhtml?xml=/property/2008/03/08/ptomorrow108.xml


Arboreal Architecture Prototype

Fab Tree Hab: accurately controlled living plant geometry to form dwellings.

Just as the modern biotechnology revolution owes its existence to the intelligence in ecosystems at the molecular level, sustainable technologies for homes can also benefit from biological, natural systems; however, starting at the molecular scale is not necessary. Rather, as the intention of this design explores, lumber maintained in its macro, living form becomes a superstructure. Templates, cut from 3D computer files control the plant growth in the early stages. After a time the templates are removed and reused in a new home.
- New 3D model fabrication with Edward Ward.


High Gloss/ Social Conscience at SCOPE

Louise Blouin Media (publishers of Art+Auction, Modern Painters, Culture+Travel) is presenting a discussion panel at the SCOPE Art Fair on Saturday 29th March between 5pm – 6pm. High Gloss/ Social Conscience participants: Craig Kellogg, editor at Interior Design James Zemaitis, Vice President of the Design Dept. Sotheby’s Rick Cook, Cook + Fox Architects Morgan Falconer, writer Dr. Mitchell Joachim, Partner at Terreform Susan Morris, editor in chief of Modern Painters, moderator. at The SCOPE Pavilion, Lincoln Center. http://www.scope-art.com/home.php?section=home


Synergy Conference

Synergy: The 7th Annual Sustainable Living Conference The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington May 23rd-24th, 2008. Dr. Mitchell Joachim of Terreform: Ecotransology - Collapse of Nature www.evergreen.edu/synergy

01SJ: Global Festival of Art on the Edge

Earthtimes - London, UK: Terreform (Mitchell Joachim) will be showcased w/ Jane Marsching Future North: Ecotarium - An Observatory of Nature’s Collapse SAN JOSE, CA -- 02/04/08 -- ZER01, organizers of 01SJ, a Global Festival of Art on the Edge, today announced plans for its second biennial festival here, June 4-8. 01SJ will feature transformative and provocative new works from world-renowned artists and performers at the cross-section of contemporary art, technology, and culture. The five-day Festival will incorporate exhibitions, films, concerts, performances, happenings, and nightlife occurring throughout downtown San Jose's parks, public streets, museums, theaters, and clubs. http://www.01sj.org/ http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/zer01-invites-the-world-to-experience-art-on-the-edge,269760.shtml


Transmaterial 2: Super Cilia Skin

Super Cilia Skin project inside:
"Transmaterial 2: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine Our Physical Environment," Blaine Brownell,
Princeton Architectural Press, 2008.
Super Cilia Skin:
MIT Team:
Mitchell Joachim, Hayes Raffle, James Tichenor