Southern Housing Excellance magazine: Fab Tree Hab

"Grow your own: Terreform’s Fab Tree Hab takes ‘green’ architectural design into the heart of the environment by creating a structure that is in itself alive and an integral part of the ecosystem. Think organic engineering, utilising living systems to create both form and function – and perhaps one day a whole new breed of gardening-come-home-improvement television shows." Monday, 20 August 2007, UK. http://www.southern-housing.co.uk/features/the-earthships-have-landed-885-14.html


Fab Tree Hab in Grazia Italy

Stefania Uberti, "La Mia Casa Sugli Alberi,"
Grazia, p. 24, no. 32, Aug. 14, 2007.


Fab Tree Hab in Immobilien Osterreich

Dietmar Treiber, "Das Haus lebt, atmet und wachst," Immobilien, Osterreich, p.12, Fri. Aug. 10th, 2007.