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Review of Harvard GSD Ecological Urbanism conference:
 pp. 10-13, Sept. 2009.
Special thanks; Jürgen Weidinger, Gesa Loschwitz, Peter Zöch, Redaktion Garten + Landschaft


Sustainable cities are the solution

Guardian UK, Sunday 13 September by David Lepeska ...a constellation of designers, architects and academics gathered at a conference on "ecological urbanism" at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design earlier this year. Mitchell Joachim, who teaches architecture and design at Columbia University and was selected by Wired magazine as one of 15 people Obama should listen to, presented his vision for a collapsible and stackable electric city car, which would hang at public recharging stations, available for shared use. He also explained "meat tectonics". Aiming to use meat proteins developed in a lab as building material, Joachim presented a digital rendering of an armadillo-shaped, kidney-coloured home. "It's very ugly, we know that," he said. "We're not sure what a meat house is supposed to look like." guardian.co.uk http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2009/sep/13/cities-carbon-emissions-environment-urban-planning


IMC Panel: Responsive City

IMC (Interactive Multimedia Culture) Exposition Responsive City: New media in urban planning and architecture Paul Elston, Pres., Riverside South Planning Corp., Prof. Hunter Ken Farmer, Project for Public Spaces Mitchell Joachim, Founder, Terreform ONE, Prof., Columbia University at The StudioIMC Lab & Gallery95 Morton St 7th Floor, New York City http://www.imcexpo.net/


Popular Mechanics: How to Fix Commuter Traffic

12 Current and Future Fixes for Transportation Woes by Lisa Merolla, Popular Mechanics Idea for the Future: Mitchell Joachim, an urban designer known for his innovative ideas, has dreamed up a street concept that could direct cars away from walkers. He proposes using radio-frequency identification (FRID) and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) technologies to sense pedestrians. For example, he says, "If a little girl drops a ball that rolls into the street, the pixel based sensors will reconfigure traffic flow and create a safety zone around the girl and ball path." http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/transportation/4327634.html?page=2

Talk with David Byrne on "Bicycle Diaries"

The immensely prolific David Byrne speaks with guests on Cities, Bicycles and the Future of Getting Around; 1. Civic Leader: Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation. 2. Urban Theorist: Mitchell Joachim, Co-Founder of Terrefuge & Terreform ONE; on faculty at Columbia University and Parsons. 3. Bicycle Advocate: Paul Steely White, Executive Director, Transportation Alternatives. New York, NY: 22 September 2009 @7pm, Barnes & Noble Union Square http://www.davidbyrne.com/art/books/bicycle_diaries/index.php