NYU, Institute for Public Knowledge and Marron Institute lecture

This Public Forum will address Infrastructure. Changes in climate an an increase in extreme weather events demand that we reimagine our cities, and the infrastructure that makes them inhabitable, efficient, and desirable places to live. The vast majority of large cities are on coastal waterways that will be directly impacted by rising sea levels--what challenges and opportunities does this offer planners, architects, engineers, and communities? How can we rethink the way energy is distributed and used? What forms of transit are viable? And how should we organize our supply chains for food and other goods?
Mitchell Joachim, Constantine E. Kontokosta, Rae Zimmerman, Harvey Molotch


MoMA PS1's VW Dome, Lecture

Terreform ONE at MoMA PS1, VW Dome 2, and the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance lecture: Productive Cities - Socio-Ecological Exploration of the Next Metropolis.

Exhibit, En Vie/ Alive La Fondation EDF Paris, France

Terreform ONE, Gen2Seat (Genetic Generation Seat) in exhibition for the Espace EDF Foundation, En Vie, 'Le Design Ultime?', Paris, France, April 2013.
Curator: Carole Collet.


A Nous Paris cover

Murielle Bachelier, "Green Touch; Une maison vivante", No. 601, A Nous, April 1st-7th.

Cover of Wiener Zeitung, Vienna

Eva Stanzl, "Dein Zuhause als Organismus," Wiener Zeitung, No. 15, Feb 26th. pp. 11-12. FabTree Hab and Gen2Seat.

The Forum For Urban Design, Next NY Lecture

How should NYC stimulate new industries, like technology, applied sciences, and urban agriculture? Where should the city concentrate new office space or university campuses? With proposals by: 
Elliot Felix, 
Mitchell Joachim, 
Tom Jost, 
Nina Rappaport, 
David Scobey, and 
Interboro Partners, Moderated by: 
Timur Galen


Cool Hunting: DJ Spooky and Terreform ONE at the MET

Engineering Sustainability, keynote Dr. Joachim

Engineering Sustainability 2013
Innovation and the Triple Bottom Line
April 7-9, 2013 at David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh PA
University of Pittsburgh
Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
Carnegie Mellon University
Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research

New Book, Architecture with Mitchell Joachim

Larroche Caroline, Architecture, "Fab Tree Hab, Mitchell Joachim Terreform ONE," Editions Palette..., 2012, pp.80-81.  


Lecture at University of Illinois

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Architecture Lecture Series;
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE.


Volume Magazine, Mitchell Joachim and Hackerspaces

Volume #35 Everything Under Control, 2013
"Hackerspaces and the Act of Making", Mitchell Joachim and Melanie Fessel, pp. 132-5.
More information here. 
Brendan Cormier, Managing Editor