EcoRedux Exhibition in Greece

Exhibition: "EcoRedux: Design Remedies for a Dying Planet", Byzantine Museum of Athens, Greece, December 2008. Event hosted in the framework of "Un-Built: International Architecture Research Events 2008. The website will be uploaded in Feb. 2009 at www.ecoredux.com Project: In Vitro Meat Hab, Terreform 1. Curated: Lydia Kallipoliti in collaboration w/ Alicia Imperiale & Amie Shao.


1000 x Architecture of the Americas

Fab Tree Hab by Terreform 1 is featured inside: 1000 x Architecture of the Americas, Verlagshaus Braun, p.429, 2008. One of the "Best Architecture Books of 2008, 10 tomes from the superior to the indispensable," By Norman Weinstein, December 2008.


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DUB studios is a multi-disciplinary design practice. We work on projects at various sizes, ranging from furniture to towers. At all scales our work involves the practices of Design, Urbanism and Building. We see Design as both a creative and pragmatic process that turns problems into opportunities; Urbanism as a method of observing and acting on a project's varied surroundings; and Building as the motivation for and best test of an idea. DUB studios is headed by its three partners: Natalya Kashper, Michael Piper, Gabriel Sandoval. http://www.dub-studios.com/