PSFK Talks to Mitchell Joachim, Eco-Entrepreneur

David Friedlander at PSFK Asked what inspires him, Mitchell Joachim answered with things that started with G: Goethe, Gilliam, Gaudi, Gehry and his coming baby girl. But taking a look at the tall, dreadlocked architect & urban planner’s repertoire, you realize he has many other (alphabetically diverse) sources of inspiration...http://www.psfk.com/2009/02/profile-of-eco-entrepreneur-mitchell-joachim-dont-call-it-sustainability.html

Fab Tree Hab in Marvel Comics

SPIDER-MAN & THE HUMAN TORCH IN...BAHIA DE LOS MUERTOS! # 1 by Tom Beland and Juan Doe. Special Thanks: Alejandro Arbona. Available March 4th 2009.