Living Architecture Symposium, Toronto with Mitchell Joachim Terreform ONE

The Living Architecture Systems Group (LASG) 2019
with Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE and NYU on the Monarch Sanctuary

Can architecture integrate living functions? Could future buildings think, and care? The Living Architecture Systems Group brings together research­ers and industry partners in a multidisciplinary research cluster dedicated to developing built environments with qualities that come close to life— environments that can move, respond, and learn, with metabolisms that can exchange and renew their environments, and which are adaptive and empathic towards their inhabitants. Supported by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council funding and contributions from numerous partners, LAS is focused on develop­ing innovative technologies, new critical aesthetics, and integrative design working methods, helping equip a new generation of designers with critical next-generation skills and critical perspectives for working with complex environments.

Six discipline streams: Scaffold led by Philip Beesley (Waterloo Architecture), Synthetic Cognition led by Dana Kulic (Electronic and Computer Engineering, Waterloo), Metabolism led by Rachel Armstrong (Architecture, Newcastle) Human Experience led by Colin Ellard (Psychology, Waterloo) Interdisciplinary Methods led by Rob Gorbet (Knowledge Integration, Waterloo), and Theory led by Sarah Bonnemaison (Architecture, Dalhousie).


Ru'a Al Haram Future Studio

Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia