Interior Design Magazine w/ Fab Tree Hab

Soon, it may take just seeds and water to expand a house. Architects Mitchell Joachim and Javier Arbona, engineer Lara Greden, and horticulture company Plantware make up the green-thinking team that's experimenting with self-grafting trees such as elms to weave the Fab Tree Hab concept, with a lattice of woody vines forming exterior walls. Growing a two-story, water-recycling eco retreat should take five years.
by Craig Kellogg
Interior Design, p. 48, January 1, 2007



Climate Commons at The Institute of Contemporary Art

Climate Commons is a conversation. Fourteen people from a wide range of fields post weekly about their work on climate change, sustainability and/or the Arctic. Its a collective interdisciplinary look at what our environment is facing today. Climate Commons is part of Jane D. Marsching’s project: Arctic Listening Post Currently on view at The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Boston

Auto-Free NY Talk

Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 6 to 8pm: "Soft Cars and Transology" Mitchell Joachim, Executive Director, Terreform Terreform is a Manhattan-based nonprofit design collaborative concerned with ecological principles in the urban environment. Auto-Free 104 Washington St., Manhattan Alliance for Downtown New York


Discovery Channel series FutureCar

Four episodes: The Extremes, The Body, The Fuel, and The Brain, will on Discovery Channel -February 7, 14, 21 and 28 at 8 pm ET/PT. An interview with Mitchell Joachim is featured in 3 shows: Brain, Body, and Extremes. Footage of the cars are in all episodes. Please visit the website at: FutureCar