Review of GLOBAL Design NYU

It happened suddenly, as if out of nowhere: NYU’s Gallatin opened Global Design/Elsewhere Envisioned, an exhibition that comes with two symposia, is described as an initiative, and just might morph someday into a new school of architecture.


New York University Hosts Global Design Event

The Design Observer Group, Places 

Editor, Nancy Levinson and Assistant Editor, Josh Wallaert

New York University Hosts Global Design Event 

Projects exhibited at Global Design NYU, clockwise from top left: SCAPE, Oystertecture; Paul Miller, a.k.a. DJ Spooky, Nauru Elegies; Terreform ONE and Planetary ONE, Homeway.

Opening May 25 at New York University, the exhibition and symposium Global Design NYU, organized by professors Peder Anker, Louise Harpman and Mitchell Joachim, addresses the ways in which global warming poses new challenges to the architecture, landscape architecture and urban design communities.  see here

Terreform in The Huffington Post; "City Come A-Walkin"


Future of Sustainable Design at the Field Museum

Lectures featuring leaders in the field of sustainable design;
Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in Chicago.
Dr. Mitchell Joachim, Planetary ONE + Terreform ONE.


GLOBAL Design: Soft Burrs for the Exhibition

Soft Six-Pointed Burrs for the NYU architecture exhibition installation. Designed by Mitchell Joachim, Carlos Roberto Barrios, and Greg Mulholland.


Mitchell Joachim in Domus

Contested Mobility, Future Cities, and Public Light

by Gideon Fink Shapiro.


Mitchell Joachim at the United Nations

Integrating Sound Management: Engaging Civil Society in Sustainability
Commission on Sustainable Development 19, panel, United Nations Headquarters, NYC.
Much was achieved at Rio in 1992.  Agenda 21, adopted there, remains as visionary today as it was then, and local authorities and civil society in almost every part of the world have been working to implement it.  In this interactive forum we will focus on the themes of eco-effectiveness and knowledge sharing systems as a roadmap to good policy and implementation strategies. Considering opportunities for innovation, integrated management, and the development of effective systems of learning integrated with civil society, the panelists will share their views on how their work contributes to strengthening our capacity to act.

Donald Cooper, Executive Secretary of the Stockholm Convention and Co-Executive Secretary of the Rotterdam Convention.
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE, Planetary ONE, Ecological Design Group for Urban Infrastructure, Building, Planning and Art.
Jennifer Corriero, Executive Director Global Youth Action Network-Taking IT Global.


New Museum of Mycelium

Projection on New Museum for the The Festival of Ideas for the New City and Mycoform structure grown from strains of fugi into a specific 3D fabricated geometry.
The main objective of Mycoform is to establish a smart, self-sufficient, perpetual-motion construction technology. By combining fungal mycelia with varying types of organic substrates and carefully controlling their expansion within prefabricated molds, we will create the literal growth of structural materials. The Mycoform is grown from biological materials. The process is pollution free, and has the potential to contain a low embodied energy as part of a local ecosystem. The polypore fugal species Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), possesses enzymes that readily digest a wide variety of cellulose based organic byproducts. The rapid growth of branching mycelia results in a dense matrix capable of structural support. The New Museum model was grown in a period of 10 days in incubator starting with a mixture of oak pellet fuel, wheat bran, gypsum, and hydrogen peroxide resulting in a dense mycelium structure.
Dr. Joachim & Maria Aiolova will show this project and more at;
The Festival of Ideas for the New City with the New Museum, NYC. Planetary ONE + Terreform ONE at the following events; 1. Flash:Light 2. Workshop Session 2: World CafĂ©: Built Environment 3. Storefront for Art and Architecture, DRAW-THINK-TANK 4. NYC Future Metropolis Vol III Project credits; Mitchell Joachim, Maria Aiolova, Oliver Medvedik, Dylan Butman, Greg Mulholland.