Mitchell Joachim at the United Nations

Integrating Sound Management: Engaging Civil Society in Sustainability
Commission on Sustainable Development 19, panel, United Nations Headquarters, NYC.
Much was achieved at Rio in 1992.  Agenda 21, adopted there, remains as visionary today as it was then, and local authorities and civil society in almost every part of the world have been working to implement it.  In this interactive forum we will focus on the themes of eco-effectiveness and knowledge sharing systems as a roadmap to good policy and implementation strategies. Considering opportunities for innovation, integrated management, and the development of effective systems of learning integrated with civil society, the panelists will share their views on how their work contributes to strengthening our capacity to act.

Donald Cooper, Executive Secretary of the Stockholm Convention and Co-Executive Secretary of the Rotterdam Convention.
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE, Planetary ONE, Ecological Design Group for Urban Infrastructure, Building, Planning and Art.
Jennifer Corriero, Executive Director Global Youth Action Network-Taking IT Global.