City Vision Magazine Interview w/ Mitchell Joachim

Francesco Lipari and Federico Giacomarra, "The Art of Cities, Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE," City Vision magazine, issue #7, autumn/winter 2012, pp. 64-71. 
This issue is dedicated to paleofuture (or retro-future), a trend in the creative arts showing the influence of depictions of the future imagined in the past.

Innovations Management

INNOVATIONSMANAGER (Innovations Management) magazine, Terreform ONE, Fab Tree Hab, Dec. 2012, DE. pp. 6-7.


Open Science Challenge Award

Tri-State Open Science Challenge Awards $16K to Four Citizen Scientists
Assay Depot and Genspace announce winners and award funding for research projects;

  • Kazi Yasin Helal – working on enzyme-based stain removal
  • Peter Yeadon – constructing a bimolecular sensor system for arsenic and other chemicals
  • Terreform ONE team* – building genetically generated furniture

SAN DIEGO CA &; NEW YORK NY — Assay Depot Inc., the world’s largest online research services marketplace, and Genspace selected four citizen scientists as winners for the first Tri-State Open Science Challenge. 
*Full roster of Terreform ONE: Mitchell Joachim PhD, Melanie Fessel, Maria Aiolova, Corrie Van Sice, James Schwartz, Josue Ledema, Tania Doles

There's a Future: Visions for a Better World

Mitchell Joachim, Melanie Fessel, Terreform ONE, "Rethinking Urban Landscapes; Self-Supported Infrastructure, Technology, and Territory", Francisco Gonz├ílez, ed., There's a Future: Visions for a Better World, BBVA Publication, 2012. pp. 249-275.


metaLAB Lecture at Harvard

Lecture at metaLAB, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University at the experimental "Labrary" for the Networks & Natures series.