The Guardian - Cities from Scratch w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

Nick Van Mead, Cities from Scratch, The Guardian, July 11th, 2019.
"Yesterday's tomorrow today: what we can learn from past urban visions," 
From the article: "In recent years, synthetic biologist Rachel Armstrong has proposed growing an artificial reef below Venice to stop the city sinking into the sea. Meanwhile, American architect Mitchell Joachim envisages houses grown in a laboratory from pig cells."



Terreform ONE in Architectural Record on the Monarch Sanctuary

"The Monarch Sanctuary, a project by Mitchell Joachim and Vivian Kuan of the nonprofit research group Terreform ONE, proposes a New York building with a double-glass facade. Inside the cavity between its two skins is a 30,000-square-foot sanctuary—in the form of a vertical meadow with regulated temperature and humidity—where threatened butterflies can breed during their annual migration."