AERIAL FUTURES hosted by Terreform ONE at New Lab

AERIAL FUTURES: Urban Constellations explores airport-city interfaces as infrastructure, operating at a metropolitan scale. This think tank uses New York City as a case study to trigger responses across disciplines. Selected participants will reimagine airport constellations as a choreographed urban ecosystem that relies as much on architecture as it does on technology and data-driven design. Form follows information. New technologies – such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, real-time digital experiences, robotics, and autonomous vehicles – will transform the way aerial infrastructures look and feel in the future. This AERIAL FUTURES think tank will challenge our expectations about time in transit, wayfinding, security, and commerce; and exploring how technology will redefine disconnected landscapes into continuous, integrated urban airport systems.


NYU Faculty Urban Research Day Conference

We are pleased to share that several funders who are interested in NYU's urban research will be in attendance. In addition, Stephanie Miner, former mayor of Syracuse, and Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner of the NYC DOT, will be participating as keynote speaker and panelist, respectively.