Unconventional Computing, Mitchell Joachim


Unconventional Computing: Design Methods for Adaptive Architecture, Rachel Armstrong (Author, Editor), Simone Ferracina (Editor), ACADIA and Riverside Architectural Press.
"Smart Trash: Transforming Waste Into Building Blocks of the Next City," Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE, pp. 66-71.

Smart City Expo World Congress Terreform ONE Exhibit in Barcelona



Jpeople Magazine; Future, Here We Come! Towards Eutopia! w/ Mitchell Joachim

Isabel Gahren, "Future, Here We Come! Towards Eutopia!" w/ Mitchell Joachim,
Jpeople No. 17. pp. 6-13.


Talking Transition NYC

Talking Transition is an open conversation about the future of New York City. Join the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce for a conversation on the Innovation Economy. It is critical to introduce policies that support "makers" who are spurring job and economic growth throughout New York City. Panel on innovation moderated by Popular Mechanics magazine featuring MakerBot, FCS Modular, Terreform ONE, Lumi Solair, Industry City Distillery, and NYU Polytechnic. 


Wired World in 2014 with Mitchell Joachim

"The End of Rubbish," Mitchell Joachim, pp. 48-49, The Wired World in 2014. Editor David Baker. From the creative minds behind WIRED, the recognised authority on the future, THE WIRED WORLD IN 2014 is a new annual trend report that covers a broad range of topics across eight sections; from science to arts, politics to medicine and culture to the environment.