List of Film, TV, and Media Events with Mitchell Joachim at Terreform ONE

Design “Spring Dialogues," Mitchell Joachim Interview, Daniella Ohad Smith.
Planete+, “Cities of the Future,” (Les villes du futur), Director, Marc Aderghal.
UrbanNext, “Design & Waste,” Interview, Ramon Prat.
CBS News NY, “Brooklyn Farm To Sell Cricket Snack Bites,” Ali Bauman.
WPIX-TV, “Futuristic cricket farm in Brooklyn Navy Yard,” Rick Boone.
Radio Disney, Green Sense Radio, “Mitchell Joachim/ Terreform ONE,” Robert Colangelo.
Night White Skies, iTunes Podcast, “Mitchell Joachim Interview,” Host, Sean Lally.
POLITICO Online, “Bio City,” What Works: Urban Innovators, mini-documentary.
BRIC TV, “Terreform One: Designing for Climate Change,” Charlie Hoxie.
Tech Times, “Biohacking the Future of NYC w/ Terreform ONE,” Stacey Szewczyk.
WTOP Federal News Radio/ NSF “Why Buy a Chair,” Host, Randy Atkins.
“Human Ignition,” feature film, Mario Andretti, Harald Belker, Burn Media.
Vice Media, Upwardly Mobile with AT&T at Terreform ONE, Nina Horowitz.
Fox 5 News, “The Big Idea: Terreform ONE The Living House,” Sharon Crowley.
Arte TV, “Growing Architecture,” Justine Gourichon and Sophie Peyrard.
BBC, “The thinking, Breathing Buildings on the Horizon,” Philip Beesley, Stephen Dowling.
Cool Hunting “Rough Cut: DJ Spooky at the Met,” Gaspard Nemec.
WPR, (Wisconsin Public Radio), Veronica Rueckert Show, Marika Suval.
WNET, Thirteen, “Renaissance at the Brooklyn Navy Yard,” Georgia Kral.
Vice Media and Motherboard TV: “The Living House,” Jedd Thomas, Alex Pasternack. 
Heritage Radio Network: “Burning Down the House,” Curtis B. Wayne.
Discovery Channel: “Daily Planet,” Ziya Tong, CTV.
MPR, (Minnesota Public Radio), “Greening Urban Architecture,” Marianne Combs.
WTIC 1080, A Healthy Home/Healthy Planet Radio Show, Greener Living with Dr. G.
Comedy Central: “The Colbert Report: Mitchell Joachim,” Stephen Colbert.
CNBC: The Business of Innovation, “Reshaping Cities,” Maria Bartiromo.
Honda: “DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE: Mobility 2088,” Derek Cianfrance.
Big Think, Interview, New York, NY.
CBC Radio Winnipeg, John Sadoway.
BrightTALK: The Carborexic City, webcast lecture, NY.
Discovery Channel: “NextWorld,” Rob Cohen.
NHPR, Word of Mouth, “Redesigning Cities for the Future,” Virginia Prescott.
Earth and Sky, "Recipe for a Sustainable City,” Jeremy Shere.
PBS: “Special on Future NYC,” Zero Point Zero Production.
Sundance Channel: “The Green, Big Ideas for a Small Planet,” Episode, Build.
Discovery Channel: “Future Car,” Episodes – Extremes, Body, and Brain.
The Hour on CBC, Hilary Doyle.
Home and Garden TV: “Extreme Living,” Episode, Fab Tree Hab.
CTV: Canada AM today, Fab Tree Hab.
CKNW Radio: “Nightline BC with Michael Smyth”.
Institute without Boundaries: “World House Project,” Episode 1, Fab Tree Hab.
Z95 Radio: “Nat and Drew in the Morning”.
VOOM HD Networks, Gallery HDTV: “Artland: USA,” Illuminations Media.
BBC Television Documentary: “Future of Architecture,” Dan Cruickshank.


Designs for Different Futures, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Terreform ONE, Mitchell Joachim

Designs for Different Futures, Philadelphia Museum of Art, with Terreform ONE, Mitchell Joachim, and Cricket Shelter + Farm.

The role of designers in shaping how we think about the future is the subject of a major exhibition that will premiere at the Philadelphia Museum of Art this fall. Designs for Different Futures brings together some 80 works that address the challenges and opportunities that humans may encounter in the years, decades, and centuries ahead. Organized by and on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Walker Art Center, and the Art Institute of Chicago. 
"Some of these possibilities will come to fruition, while others will remain dreams or even threats,” said Kathryn Hiesinger, the J. Mahlon Buck, Jr. Family Senior Curator of European Decorative Arts after 1700, who coordinated the exhibition in Philadelphia with former assistant curator Michelle Millar Fisher. 



The Explorers Club lecture with Mitchell Joachim Terreform ONE for Climate Week

The Explorers Club presents: Actions

Bill McKibben - "Timing is everything: seizing this climate moment​"

Educator, Environmentalist, and founder of 350.org Bill McKibben will reflect on the thirty years since the 1989 publication of The End of Nature, the first book for a general audience on what was then called the greenhouse effect. 

In that time, the crisis has grown greatly in severity--what were warnings have become bulletins from the front lines. But we've also seen engineers provide possible solutions--and the rise of a movement to push hard for them. So now we're at the critical moment: can we make things happen fast enough to matter?

How creative responses to the climate crisis can be explored by scientists, architects, composers, and explorers. Actions is an evening that crosses disciplines to show how proactive and dynamic responses to our ongoing climate crisis can reshape the way we think of the human-caused issues in the global environment.

Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, is a composer, multimedia artist, and writer whose work immerses audiences in a blend of genres, global culture, and environmental and social issues.

Valorie Valentine Aquino is a scientific researcher, anthropological archaeologist, and movement building strategist, who is proud to have the Philippine Islands as her birthplace. She is Executive Director and co-founder of March for Science, the largest decentralized grassroots science advocacy and activism group.

Mitchell Joachim is Co-Founder of Terreform ONE and an Associate Professor of at NYU. He has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and fellowships with TED, Moshe Safdie, and Martin Society for Sustainability, MIT. He was chosen by Wired magazine for "The Smart List” and selected by Rolling Stone for “The 100 People Who Are Changing America”.

Jacquelyn Francis, MS Energy Policy and Climate from Johns Hopkins University, is the founder and a Director of the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP), a non-profit dedicated to finding pathways to activate and accelerate climate solutions in order to reduce global greenhouse gasses and increase uptake of carbon. Ms. Francis created and serves as Executive Director of the Keeling Curve Prize (KCP), the initial program of the GWMP. The KCP competition has awarded half a million dollars to 20 ongoing efforts around the world in the last 2 years.



Design Futures Council, lecture Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

DFC Leadership Summit on the FUTURE of Environmental Responsibility SEPTEMBER 09-10, 2019 | MINNEAPOLIS, MN Our world is facing ever-increasing needs and demands. Environmental responsibility is the answer to the question of one of the deepest issues of our time. Together, we can provide innovative solutions to take care of the world we all live in and drive transformative change…for a better future.


Me Convention, lecture w/ Mitchell Joachim Terreform ONE

Mitchell Joachim, Keynote, Me Convention, Frankfurt, DE

What does the future hold? This question has fascinated us since the dawn of mankind – because if we know what lies ahead, we might be able to control it. But what if we flipped that question around and asked: What do we want our future to look like? And what can we do to make it happen? At the 2019 me Convention, we’ll examine the current state of the world, create a vision for a better future and uncover how to bridge the gap. We won’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions but instead look at different perspectives, approaches, and dilemmas in an attempt to foresee the unforeseen. Designed as a ‘future lab’, we won’t just talk about the future – we’ll explore, experiment and learn from each other to go home with the skills, optimism, and sense of urgency to start creating the world we want to see.


Rethinking Animals Summit w/ Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

The Unsustainable Cost of Our Treatment of Other Species
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE lecture at SVA for Thinking Animals United. 

The massive global exploitation of animals is worsening. In this unsettled political climate, the protection and conservation of animals are sorely neglected. The Endangered Species Act is itself endangered, and looming federal cuts to science and environmental protection threaten critical animal habitat and well-being.