Arboreal Architecture Prototype

Fab Tree Hab: accurately controlled living plant geometry to form dwellings.

Just as the modern biotechnology revolution owes its existence to the intelligence in ecosystems at the molecular level, sustainable technologies for homes can also benefit from biological, natural systems; however, starting at the molecular scale is not necessary. Rather, as the intention of this design explores, lumber maintained in its macro, living form becomes a superstructure. Templates, cut from 3D computer files control the plant growth in the early stages. After a time the templates are removed and reused in a new home.
- New 3D model fabrication with Edward Ward.


High Gloss/ Social Conscience at SCOPE

Louise Blouin Media (publishers of Art+Auction, Modern Painters, Culture+Travel) is presenting a discussion panel at the SCOPE Art Fair on Saturday 29th March between 5pm – 6pm. High Gloss/ Social Conscience participants: Craig Kellogg, editor at Interior Design James Zemaitis, Vice President of the Design Dept. Sotheby’s Rick Cook, Cook + Fox Architects Morgan Falconer, writer Dr. Mitchell Joachim, Partner at Terreform Susan Morris, editor in chief of Modern Painters, moderator. at The SCOPE Pavilion, Lincoln Center. http://www.scope-art.com/home.php?section=home


Synergy Conference

Synergy: The 7th Annual Sustainable Living Conference The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington May 23rd-24th, 2008. Dr. Mitchell Joachim of Terreform: Ecotransology - Collapse of Nature www.evergreen.edu/synergy

01SJ: Global Festival of Art on the Edge

Earthtimes - London, UK: Terreform (Mitchell Joachim) will be showcased w/ Jane Marsching Future North: Ecotarium - An Observatory of Nature’s Collapse SAN JOSE, CA -- 02/04/08 -- ZER01, organizers of 01SJ, a Global Festival of Art on the Edge, today announced plans for its second biennial festival here, June 4-8. 01SJ will feature transformative and provocative new works from world-renowned artists and performers at the cross-section of contemporary art, technology, and culture. The five-day Festival will incorporate exhibitions, films, concerts, performances, happenings, and nightlife occurring throughout downtown San Jose's parks, public streets, museums, theaters, and clubs. http://www.01sj.org/ http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/zer01-invites-the-world-to-experience-art-on-the-edge,269760.shtml