Mediaweek: Living Home

Does Green Grow Green For Media? Richard Brunelli Media Week, MAY 14, 2007. "The series portrays green-skewing designers, products and processes that, potentially, can transform the everyday lives of viewers. Interviewees range from professional race car driver and ethanol advocate Jeff Simmons to an MIT grad named Mitchell Joachim, who is building a home grown from living trees, to a "guerrilla gardener" named Heather Flores, who champions green spaces in poor New York City neighborhoods..." http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/departments/features/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003584537


P.M. Magazine: Fab Tree Hab

Bio-Bau (Biobuilding)
Aus Baumstämmen ein Haus flechten
(From Trunks Twist a House)
by Wolfgang C. Goede
P.M. p. 14, June 2007.


Newsweek: Fab Tree Hab

"Terreform: Building Houses Out of Living Trees"
Newsweek, May 28, 2007 by Linda Stern.

Focus Magazine: Fab Tree Hab

"Grun & Gut: Baumhaus," Robert Thielicke, Focus, p.110, No. 18, April 30, 2007 http://www.focus.de/

Home Wellness Magazine: Fab Tree Hab

"Vivere Eco,"
by Sara Lisa Di Mario

p.153-55, n.01 April-May 2007.

Designnews.com: MIT Car

MIT Moves Forward with Smart Cities and Stackable Cars by Sean Snyder, Associate Editor -- Design News, May 15, 2007. "The designers behind Concept Cars have re-evaluated the use and function of cars in the city with new designs that remove the drive train and put precedence on robotic wheels. “We reinvented the wheel, or actually, we rethought it,” says Mitchell Joachim, former MIT student and current Smart Cities committee member." http://www.designnews.com/article/CA6442404.html


Terreform at Postopolis! May 30th at 6:30pm

at Storefront for Art and Architecture
Featuring BLDGBLOG, City of Sound, Inhabitat, and Subtopia
Postopolis! is a five-day event of near-continuous conversation about architecture, urbanism, landscape, and design. Four bloggers, from four different cities, will host a series of live discussions, interviews, slideshows, panels, talks, and other presentations, and fuse the informal energy and interdisciplinary approach of the architectural blogosphere with the immediacy of face to face interaction.


Terreform Future NYC movie

Link: NY City MPEG movie file

New Yorker: "the Green" advertising

The Green with Robert Redford on the Sundance Channel: "...MIT genius Mitchell Joachim creates a spectacular futuristic living space with his Fab Tree Hab living house, made from trees". The New Yorker, p. 14, April 30, 2007,

MIT Spectrum

Beyond Green Design by Mary Speare Mitchell Joachim, an MIT architect, says people may one day grow their houses instead of building them. MIT Spectrum, Spring 2007, Vol. XVIII No. IX p. 10 http://web.mit.edu/giving/spectrum/spring07/green-design.htm