ARCHITECT Review of Terreform ONE's Mitchell Joachim in Cairo, Egypt

KATHARINE KEANE, Catch-22: The Environmental Cost of Progress, ARCHITECTMay 20, 2019.
At the sixth International LafargeHolcim Forum for Sustainable Construction, design leaders discussed and debated a path forward for sustainable construction.

"In the forum's final keynote, Terreform ONE co-founder Mitchell Joachim, Assoc. AIA, advocated perhaps the most optimistic—if not idealistic—motivation in light of a dire situation: extinction. Discouraged by the monarch butterfly's status as an endangered species in North America, Terreform ONE is proposing the integration of a monarch butterfly sanctuary into the double-skinned fa├žade of an office and retail building in New York City to serve as "a new biome of coexistence for people, plants, and butterflies." The project, currently on the boards, is "intended to serve as an object lesson in enhancing the urban environment with green technologies."