Open Science Challenge Award

Tri-State Open Science Challenge Awards $16K to Four Citizen Scientists
Assay Depot and Genspace announce winners and award funding for research projects;

  • Kazi Yasin Helal – working on enzyme-based stain removal
  • Peter Yeadon – constructing a bimolecular sensor system for arsenic and other chemicals
  • Terreform ONE team* – building genetically generated furniture

SAN DIEGO CA &; NEW YORK NY — Assay Depot Inc., the world’s largest online research services marketplace, and Genspace selected four citizen scientists as winners for the first Tri-State Open Science Challenge. 
*Full roster of Terreform ONE: Mitchell Joachim PhD, Melanie Fessel, Maria Aiolova, Corrie Van Sice, James Schwartz, Josue Ledema, Tania Doles