Jet Pack Packing: Soft Mobility in the Sky

World Science Festival -Signature Events Traffic: From Insects to Interstates Kimmel Center, NYU
Can marching ants, schooling fish, and herding wildebeests teach us something about the morning commute? Robert Krulwich, Mitchell Joachim, Anna Nagurney and Iain Couzin examine the creative and guides this unique melding of mathematics, physics, and behavioral science as sometimes counterintuitive solutions to one of the modern world's most annoying problems. Beneath WALL-E’s whimsical surface lies a grown up, cautionary tale about humanity’s relationship with the environment. Carl Zimmer hosts leading scientists Mitchell Joachim, Christopher McKay and Ben Schwegler as they explore ingenious strategies for creating a sustainable future — from 'carborexic' cities made entirely from recycled trash to how the pursuit of "green" space exploration may one day help to revolutionize waste management here on Earth.