Nodes & Networks: The city as Superorganism

Nodes and Networks is a series of collective art and science experiments exploring biological systems as a model and metaphor for social intervention. Taking inspiration from slime mold navigation, bacterial communication, and insect cooperation, a group of artists, designers, and scientists are collaborating on a series of public experiments and interventions across New York City.
Adrian Fessel, biophysicist, University of Bremen
Alison Irvine, theater artist, Cut Paste Grow
Mitchell Joachim, architect, Terraform ONE
Oliver Kellhammer, artist and urban ecologist, Parsons School of Design
Sarah Kornbluth, bee ecologist, Rutgers University
Jonghyun Lee, biophysicist, University of Bremen
Colleen Macklin, games designer, Parsons School of Design
Christine Marizzi, geneticist, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Christina Oettmeier, biochemist, University of Bremen
Pia O’Neill, neuroscientist, Columbia University
Jennifer Sta. Ines, geospatial analyst, NYC Department of Transportation
Lior Zalmanson, internet researcher, NYU School of Business
Heather Barnett, artist and educator, University of the Arts London; founder, The Slime Mould Collective
Nurit Bar Shai, arts and culture director, GenSpace
Daniel Grushkin, program director, Biodesign Challenge
Julia Buntaine, director, SciArt Center
Hans-G√ľnther D√∂bereiner, biophysicist, University of Bremen