NRC Next, Made by Bacteria, Terreform ONE

Tamar Stelling, "Made by Bacteria," NRC Next, Rotterdam. Oct. 1st, 2013.
Translation (DRAFT) from Dutch printed publication;
"How do we get the eleven billion people who inhabit the earth by 2100 happy, but also sustainable? It is a question that plagues many designers. But, walking through the exhibition in The New Institute in Rotterdam on Biodesign, it seems a possible in the realm of microbes." Overpopulation: "First let's chart how large the population problem is exactly, the curator of Biodesign and author of the book of the same, William Myers had thought. The exhibition opens with the unprecedented work Bio City Map of American art -collective Terreform ONE. A projection of the world map on an expanded, regular icosahedron grid hangs from the ceiling. Each triangular face is a kind of mountain in 3D that a future population density of that area displays. On the back of the system is hanging twenty five petri dishes with two layers of fully-grown, red and green bio-fluorescent E. coli bacteria.""We want to study the population growth in twenty-five big cities with mathematical models, but by looking at how bacteria would breed within the limits of the city," explains Mitchell Joachim, co-founder of Terreform ONE."" The analog study of the growth of bacteria produces potentially more unexpected behavior results in a simulation of growth than in a computer - model." The bacterial growth projections are projected on the wall. Green E.coli indicates the current population of an area, red E.coli is future excesses. How do all those polluting people live later?" 
Living home: "But why stop at a living facade? Terraform ONE opens up a whole house for living, the Fab Tree Hab, with load - bearing walls of living trees."