Future of Suburbia talk with Mitchell Joachim at MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism

The MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism believes it is time to explore how the suburbs may be improved through better design and planning. What new land tenure models are needed to ensure that suburbs will become the frontier of innovation, tapping into flexible land-use to enable experimental economies, programs, and building? What technological innovations and productive systems will be embedded within suburban development to allow for self-sufficiency, or even perhaps to become a net producer of food, water, and energy? How do new forms of suburbs in these contexts evolve over time? The Future of Suburbia conference will outline four design frameworks that project a future that is heterogeneous, experimental, autonomous and productive. Each of these themes will be explored by panelists from a broad array of fields including: design, architecture, urban planning, history and demographics, policy, energy, mobility, health, environment, economics, and applied and future technologies. https://issuu.com/sienascarff/docs/caufosprogramfinalissuu http://cau.mit.edu/conference/future-suburbia