Car and Driver/ Chrysler, New American Success Stories features Terreform ONE, Mitchell Joachim

Dr. Mitchell Joachim, founder of Brooklyn-based Terreform ONE, talks success and sustainability.
“I’m passionate about the power design has to create change,” he says. Throughout his career, Dr. Joachim—a trained architect with degrees from MIT, Harvard, and Columbia—has explored progressive solutions to global sustainability issues.
In 2006, he co-founded Terreform ONE (which stands for Open Network Ecology), a Brooklyn-based non-profit think-tank dedicated to boundary-breaking ideas of how humans can live, work, and get around in better harmony with our planet. Joachim and Terreform ONE have been widely lauded for their work in the realms of sustainable habitat—including Fab Tree Hab, a housing concept that creates dwellings out of living trees—and for pioneering a new profession they have dubbed “Urbaneering,” which will reinvent the concept of urban planning.
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