I-Park Foundation with Mitchell Joachim

I-Park symposium on ephemeral art and architecture. This discussion is the culmination of a 2-week residency involving architects, poets, artists and graphic designers from Open City and the I-Park Foundation, CT.
Maya Cochrane  (Visual Artist/Architect, United Kingdom) 
Carlos Covarrubias Fernandez (Poet, Chile)
Ralph Crispino, Jr. (I-Park Founder, U.S.) 
Jose Balcells Eyquem (Sculptor, Chile)Mitchell Joachim (Architect, Terreform 1, U.S.)
Noemie Lafaurie-Debany (Landscape Architect, Balmori Associates, France/U.S.)

David Jolly Monge (Architect, Chile)
Isabel Reyes Nettle (Architect, Chile)

Tim Tsang (Composer/Musician/Performer/Producer/Remix Artist/Video Artist, Hong Kong/U.S.)

Jose Balcells Eyquem (Ciudad Abierta Founding Member/Sculptor, Chile)
        Reading the Poetic Conditions of a Place
Noemie Lafaurie-Debany (Landscape Architect, Balmori Associates, France/U.S.)
        Making Temporary Landscapes
Magnus Larsson (Architect/Journalist, Sweden/United Kingdom)
        Beyond Biomimicry: Three Ephemeral Cities
Roger Tomalty (Architect/Senior Assistant to Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti, U.S.)
       Earth Casting: Forming Thin Shell Concrete onto the Arizona Desert Surface
Mark West (Architect/Product Designer, Canada)
        Holding Time.