Dwell - Three Buildings with Mitchell Joachim

Dwell Magazine; Mitchell Joachim's Foundational Buildings. In this installment of Three Buildings, we put our standard question—which three buildings have changed the way you think about design—to Mitchell Joachim of Terreform ONE. Known for his meathouses and soft cars, and this little story in our May 2012 issue, I had no idea what he'd come back with as foundational buildings. Read on to see what moves this fascinating architect and don't miss him in conversation with Dwell's editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron at Dwell on Design 2012 this June in Los Angeles.
  1. Sea Ranch Chapel
    Hubbell & Hubbell Architects
  2. Mason's Bend Community Center
    Samuel Mockbee, Rural Studio, Auburn University
  3. Hylozoic Ground with Protocells
    Philip Beesley and Rachel Armstrong