Aspen Environment Forum; Mitchell Joachim

Panel Presentation - Making a U Turn: Steering Away from Planetary Limits at the 2010 Aspen Environment Forum Sponsored by National Geographic and The Aspen Institute. Mitchell Joachim, Associate Professor, NYU Dennis Dimick, Executive Editor for the Environment, National Geographic Magazine Geoff Dabelko, Director, Environmental Change and Security Program, Woodrow Wilson Center Jon Foley, Director, Institute on the Environment (IonE), University of Minnesota Eric Sundquist, Research Geologist, US Geological Survey A recent Stockholm University study on biophysical “planetary boundaries” by 28 scientists posits that the planet’s capacity to recover from human-induced shocks already has been pushed into dangerous territory in several key areas, including biodiversity loss and nitrogen pollution. What does this study tell us about sustainably managing our demands on earth, and how effectively can its insights guide us away from danger zones? Even with the knowledge in hand do we have the will to avoid calamity? http://www.aspenenvironment.org/speakers/bio/83/294/mitchell-joachim