Art in America review

29 CHAINS TO THE MOON, By Melissa Kuntz, Art in America, Feb. 2010. "The show presented three projects by artists developing 21st-century ideas (some actually in the testing stage) to tackle big problems. It might be futile to exhibit world-saving proposals in a traditional art space, where they could seem to be nothing more than conceptual exercises, but the mix of novel ideas in this show suggested that people working in diverse disciplines might collectively yield solutions to some looming predicaments." "Architect Mitchell Joachim, working with the design collaborative Terreform ONE, of which he is a co-founder, showed panels of digital prints with the schematics for Peristaltic City, a tall building made of a cluster of transportable pods; Stackable Cars, a storage and charging system for electric urban vehicles; and Homeway: The Great Suburban Exodus, which proposes retrofitting American dwellings with wheels in order to maintain the continuity of home in changing locations. Also on view was a digital schematic of the team’s Fab Tree Hab, a proposal to “grow” homes by training trees into habitable shapes using scaffolds." Special Thanks: Astria Suparak