Brain Juicer, NYC

Mitchell Joachim presented at Brain Juicer NYC Innovation Event speakers included: Mark Earls, author 'The Herd', social networking guru and former planner at Ogilvy, on his thesis that we're much more influenced by what other people do than we admit or acknowledge - therein lies a significant marketing opportunity . . . and challenge! Alex Gofman, author and thought leader on innovation and market research, VP of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. on Mind Genomics. Grant McCracken, author/cultural anthropologist and ethnographer, on Deputizing the Consumer as Anthropologist. Faris Yakob, Chief Technology Strategist, McCann Erickson:Thoughts on Social Media: From Technology to Touch. John Kearon, Chief Juicer of the leading international market research agency Brain Juicer: From "Me" to "We"research. Special Thanks: Susan Casserly Griffin http://www.brainjuicer.com/