Global Warming Burnout

I guess you can't really have bad press. This sardonic reporter mentions our work for Manhattan appearing on Sundance. He also seems to loath Hollywood chatter on climate change. Odd thing, he is not entirely off...
Brendan Bernhard, "Global Warming Burnout," The New York Sun, April 25, 2007.
"Tonight's episode, "Build," is about three kinds of housing: prefab homes, or "sustainable modular houses built in a factory"; more traditional multifamily homes, newly outfitted with bamboo floors, recycled carpets, geothermal heating, etc., and "growing homes," which are a bit more futuristic. Some appear to be giant beehives encased in trees. Mitchell Joachim, a graduate of MIT, displays an architectural model of what a "100% self-sufficient" Lower Manhattan will look like 300 years from now. I am here to tell you it will look like a plate of spaghetti garnished with multicolored golf balls. If someone offers you eternal life, do not accept."